2015 NCAA College Fantasy Football Week 1 Preview (Friday)

Week 1 – Thursday Game Preview

We are inching closer to the daily college fantasy football season. At the time of publishing this, the daily fantasy sites had yet to post game selections for College Football (but had for the NFL).  The reason is because there is far less information on college football players and far more games than the NFL. What does that mean for you??? College football is one of THE BEST WAYS TO MAKE MONEY PLAYING DAILY FANTASY. The NFL is so well reported on, you probably could figure out the color of Tom Brady’s underwear before a game starts. College Football is different. The defending national champions will likely not reveal their starting QB until the opening snap – let alone the lack of information on teams that aren’t as well covered as Ohio State. You can use this lack of information to your benefit. The daily sites will have discrepancies in player values/salaries and your fellow grinders/competitors won’t have a clue who 50% of the players listed are. The more knowledge you have, the better chance you have to win in daily leagues. Daily Fantasy Grind is the #1 daily college fantasy football website. I encourage you to bookmark this site, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Subscribe to our posts via e-mail using the signup box on the sidebar if you’re on a desktop computer and at the bottom of the screen if you’re on a mobile phone.

Friday CFB – QB Picks
Friday CFB – WR Picks (coming soon)
Friday CFB – RB Picks

UNC Charlotte at Georgia State (-4) 74 O/U

With Vegas predicting a high scoring shootout between these two lowly ranked teams, this could be one of the best Friday daily college fantasy football matchups of the day. Both schools feature sub-par defenses and Georgia St returns a QB who was the bulk of the offense in 2014.

QB – Nick Arbuckle Georgia St.
Was the main source of offense for Georgia State last season, who only won 1 game. He was a little inconsistent with the TD throws, but when he did have TDs, they often came in bunches. Also had several games in 2014 where he threw 40+ passes. Last years leading WR Donovan Harden is out 6-8 weeks with a broken foot, but Arbuckle seemed to think the offense will be fine without him.

WR Robert Davis was second on the team in receptions & yards in 2014 behind the now injured Harden. UAB transfer Nyiakki Height has reportedly “looked great in camp” and should factor into Georgia State’s plans. Other WR’s include Avery Sweeting, Glenn Smith, Todd Boyd and Penny Hart. It remains to be seen which one’s will be the best options and once we are closer to game-time I’ll narrow the choices down.

Michigan State (-20) at Western Michigan 58.5 O/U

QB Connor Cook Michigan St
Is expected to be a Heisman trophy candidate most of the season, so that could lead to the head coach allowing him to ‘go off’ a bit more than usual. Western Michigan isn’t a push-over defense by any means, and Cook has lost his #1 RB and #1 WR from last season to the NFL draft. Cook is also likely going to be one of the most expensive QBs available for the Friday daily college fantasy football games …. so he’s going to have to produce in order for you to get value.

The #1 WR position is up in the air in Spartanville, with Macgarrett Kings Jr. and Aaron Burbridge having the only real significant experience. R.J. Shelton, DeAntonthy Arnett and TE Josiah Price should also see action. If Connor Cook is going to make a Heisman Trophy run, he’s going to have to complete the ball to someone. This position is worth monitoring leading up to the game, as its likely all the WRs on Michigan State will be value priced on the daily fantasy sites.

There’s even more questions at RB for the Spartans. Listed on the teams spring depth-chart at RB is Gerald Holmes OR freshman RB Madre London. It’s likely both get touches in this game given the lopsided nature of the matchup. Depending on how much the daily college fantasy football sites price these two RBs, one or both could prove to be a solid #2 or Flex type player for the Friday games.

Baylor (-34) at SMU 74 O/U

Last season, SMU’s defense was ranked towards the bottom of the country in both passing & rushing. Even with a new QB and other key players gone to the NFL, Baylor should have the firepower to rack up big stats against SMU.

QB  Seth Russell Baylor
It’s almost 100% certain he will be the starter, but it’s also likely 100% certain he doesn’t play all 4 quarters if the Bears does what most think they will to a weak SMU team. As long as he’s not priced near the top of the QBs, there should be some value here as Baylor will likely test their new QB a bit in the first game of the season.

WR Corey Coleman (led the team in REC and Yards in 2014), and WR KD Cannon (second on the team in Yards in 2014) should be the leaders of the WR group. However, Jay Lee and Lynx Hawthorne should get some action too. The only risk is that Baylor spreads the ball around and/or go up by so many points that they don’t throw much in the second half. Either way, this group of WRs will be worth monitoring all season.

RB Shock Linwood will be one of the best (and likely most expensive) RB options for the Friday college football games. He led the team in rushes and rushing yards last season. Wasn’t a huge factor catching the ball last season with only 7 reception, so any addition to that part of his game would be seen as a bonus. It’s very likely he only gets a limited number of late-game touches as this game is expected to be over at halftime … so his upside might be slightly limited unless he puts up huge numbers in the first half. RB’s Devin Chafin and Johnny Jefferson are worth monitoring, both 2nd and 3rd in rushing attempts last season behind Linwood. It’s likely Chafin and/or Jefferson gets touches in this game … just how many remains to be seen. However if you’re looking for a deep backup sleeper at RB who likely won’t cost much, it’s possible one of these two will get touches as Baylor tries to wind the clock in the 2nd half.

Rhode Island at Syracuse

QB Terrel Hunt is a dual threat QB who was injured for the last half of 2014. Rhode Island is a cupcake matchup, so it’s likely Hunt has a chance to put up some big stats early in the game, but what’s also likely is he’ll come out once Syracuse has a comfortable lead.

Right now, RB Devante McFarlane is listed as the starting RB and RB George Morris is #2, however there’s very little that separates these two. This situation is worth monitoring closely leading up to the game because if one can emerge as the clear-cut starter … he could be a sleeper #2/3 RB to start against this cupcake defense.

Weber State at Oregon State

QB Seth Collins is a freshman at Oregon State and is expected to be the teams #1 QB. It’s still too early to tell what his role is going to be, but he will be a QB I’ll be monitoring since he has some running/throwing ability. This should be a fairly easy game for Oregon State so Collins could be a decent sleeper #2 QB in two QB daily fantasy leagues. Stay tuned.

RB Storm Barrs-Woods lead the team in rushing yards last season (766) but Terron Ward (NFL) lead in carries (133) and TDs (10) so Barrs-Woods could be in line for a nice workload this season. RB Chris Brown (22 car 91 yar) last season is listed as the team’s @ RB. Barrs-Woods will likely be a safer value play at RB considering he has experience and the team is facing a weaker team. But I fully expect Oregon State to give Brown and others touches in this game as well.

Kent State at Illinois (-16) 51.5 O/U

QB Wes Lunt was hurt at times last year, but played fairly well in most of the games he was involved in, racking up 2+ TDs in all but 3 games he played in. Kent State was actually fairly effective at stopping the pass last season, so I’m not sure this will be a super high-scoring game, however it’s likely that if Lunt stays healthy, he should play the entire game. Lunt will be without last season’s top WR Mike Dudek who was injured and will be out for possibly the entire season.

RB Josh Ferguson should be a solid pick this week if Kent State’s run defense is anything like it was last season. Ferguson is a steady choice at RB, who has upside if he catches passes since he didn’t have a single game in 2014 where he had more than 15 carries. As long as his price is reasonable, I expect him to be many daily college fantasy football grinders #2 RB for the Friday games.

Washington at Boise State (-11) 63.5 O/U

Boise State QB Ryan Finley was arrested earlier this year, but the head coach said he doesn’t plan on suspending the likely starting QB. The turmoil is cause for concern, but Washington was one of the worst passing defenses in the country last season (in part because they play pass-happy PAC-12 teams). There’s still plenty of question marks surrounding Finley, but with many of the top offensive players from Boise State onto the NFL, someone will have to pick up the slack.

Boise St WR Shane Williams-Rhodes was often a sleeper WR pick for me at times last season because of his versatility. The coach tries to get his 1/2 touches in the running game and he’s a fairly consistent WR threat who lead Boise State is catches (68) and TDs (7) last season. Not to be overlooked, WR Thomas Sperbeck led Boise State in yards last season (877) on 51 catches after missing the first 4 games of the season. Both of these WRs should be on your radar for the Friday games given the matchup, the only downside is Oregon State will have an unproven QB starting for them this season.

RB Devan Demas is listed as the teams #1 RB which is significant considering the hole left in the position by Jay Ajayi (NFL) who had 397 touches on offense last season. Demas will be worth monitoring leading up to the game considering he’ll likely be valued priced. Last season he averaged 6.9 yards per carry and had 2 TDs.

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