Daily College Fantasy Football – Picks – 12/20 (Saturday)

Here are my daily fantasy college football picks for the Saturday bowl games. We are just building up to the big one’s in a few weeks. Should be a fun next few weeks.

Highest QB on most boards this weekend, the matchup is solid and he’s been finding the endzone the last few weeks.

Colorado State – GARRETT GRAYSON
Very steady and solid the last few weeks of the season and has a nice matchup against a weaker Utah defense that gave up 245.5 yards per game with 22 TD’s in 12 games this season.

Western Michigan – ZACH TERRELL
Nice matchup against Air Force, but Terrell does have some turnover risk. However, if he’s affordably priced, he’s not a bad option.

Decent #2 QB or cheaper/sleeper type guy. Nice matchup against Nevada – only issue is he hasn’t been spectacular through the air.

South Alabama – BRANDON BRIDGE
Really nice matchup against Bowling Green, however he’s not someone you’d want in more than one or two lineups because of the risk he doesn’t do much.

Running Back

Colorado State – DEE HART
Pretty good matchup and Hart is one of the most consistent RB’s in the game.

Back-to-back 20+ carry games to wrap the year up. He’s a good RB, plus he’ll get you some catches in the passing game too. Colorado State is only an OK defense, so he’s in line for another good week.

More of a big-play type RB instead of a workhorse, but does find the endzone with regularity. Pretty good matchup against a weaker Nevada team.

Bowling Green – TRAVIS GREENE
Good matchup, you just need him to get it done in about 15 touches.

Western Michigan – JARVION FRANKLIN
Air Force is weak against the pass, but decent against the run – so I’m not in love with Franklin, but he’s a solid option with the limited games.

Risky, but the coach starter feeding him more later on in the year. He’s not a bad value #2 RB this weekend.

Utah State is actually a fairly solid run defense, so I wouldn’t go all-in with Jones, but he will get plenty of looks.

Wide Receiver

Colorado State – RASHARD HIGGINS
Just simply one of the best WR’s in the game.

Western Michigan – COREY DAVIS
Pretty consistent and Air Force is a very good matchup.

Western Michigan – DANIEL BRAVERMAN
Steady, but not really spectacular. Better in 1pt ppr leagues. However, nice #3 WR this week if he’s priced right.
Utah State – JOJO NATSON
Usually gets 5+ touches in the passing/running game. Nice #3 WR with upside if he scores a TD.

Don’t pay very much, but he’s not a horrible play in 1pt PPR leagues. Does have upside as a #3 WR this week.

South Alabama – SHAVAREZ SMITH
Another steady WR that shouldn’t cost too much – but has upside because Bowling Green is pretty weak.

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