Daily College Fantasy Football Picks – Week 13 (Tuesday/Friday)

Personally I think the WR slot lacks a big-time player, but there are several guys that aren’t too expensive that are good options. The QB spot is similar, there isn’t a 100% sure play but several guys that aren’t too bad. Two real bad defenses – Toledo & Bowling Green face off, so that might be a matchup to target. The RB slot is the strongest and likely the least edge because there’s 2 or 3 guys most everyone will have in their lineups.


Just a side note – I’m publishing this with Tuesday/Wednesday only for today. I will add Thursday/Friday either later tonight or tomorrow. Sorry about the delay. 

Kansas State – JAKE WATERS (Thursday)
West Virginia is a pretty good pass defense, but Waters has been fairly solid all season. He’s a good option with the limited games, but I wouldn’t overpay.

Duke – ANTHONY BOONE (Thursday)
Against UNC anything is possible, they aren’t a very good defense. Boone is not super expensive so he’s not a horrible option – just risky because he’s somewhat TD dependent.

Hit or miss in the passing game, and Duke is decent in that area. His upside is on the ground and he’s been getting it in the endzone the last few games.

West Virginia – CLINT TRICKETT (Thursday)
Hasn’t been all that good the last few weeks so certainly don’t overpay. It’s not a horrible matchup but I believe his upside is limited.

Texas State – TYLER JONES (Thursday)
The good thing is he’s a volume passer and has 300 passing yards in each of the last 2 games and he’s not super expensive. Not the best matchup but it’s not horrible.

Arkansas St – FREDI KNIGHTEN (Thursday)
This isn’t an all out great matchup, it’s not horrible against Texas State. This guy is hit or miss so you’re gambling a bit here.

Buffalo – JOE LICATA
He might not get you tons of yards, but is capable of getting multiple TD’s .. so I think there’s upside here if he is not too expensive. Kent St is an OK pass defense, but with the limited games it’s not a bad matchup.Northern Illinois – DREW HARE
Solid QB, but not spectacular. Your upside is if he can get your 2+ TD’s or rush for decent yardage. The matchup is a good one against Ohio and I think he’s a somewhat safe play, but with somewhat limited upside potential.

If you need a sleeper QB, I’d double check that Logan Woodside is for sure out … and Macon could be used as a cheaper #2 QB or a gamblers pick because Bowling Green can give up some yards. This guy can also run, so he has upside in that sense.

Bowling Green – JAMES KNAPKE
Risky risky – because he’s not a TD muncher, but the saving grace is this is an excellent matchup against a very weak Toledo defense.

I hate these 2 QB situations, but if your stomach can handle it, He’s likely going to be the starter but Nathan Strock should get some snaps too. He played well last week against a weak Bowling Green team, and Buffalo is better – but they aren’t a world beater.

Running Back

What’s worse than Bowling Green’s pass defense?? Maybe their run d. Not a 20+ carry guy, but Hunt is a big play type guy, and against a poor(er) defense, I’d expect him to break some big runs.

Hot/cold type player but against Kent State odds are he could be hot since they aren’t a strong run-D.

Arkansas St – MICHAEL GORDON (Thursday)
One of the worst run defenses in the country. You hope you get the good Gordon this week.

Had 2 weeks off so he should be fine, and I don’t see him on my betting lines injury report, but just double check he’s playing. Otherwise, I think he’s a nicely priced RB with upside. Had 29 carries for 155 and 2 TD’s last week. NIU is not a horrible run defense but it’s not a brick wall.

San Diego State – DONNEL PUMPHREY (Friday)
Air Force isn’t terrible against the run, but this is normally a 20+ carry guy. Only real issue is he’s not cheap.

Rice – JOWAN DAVIS (Friday)
I like him if he’s value priced as a sleeper #2 RB this week. His carries have been trending up and he gets TD’s.

Bowling Green – ANDRE GIVENS
So if Travis Greene (Doubtful) and Fred Coppet (Q) are Out – this isn’t a super matchup, but Givens will virtually be the guy, so he’d be worth the risk in at least 1 of your lineups.

Air Force – SHAYNE DAVERN (Friday)
SD State is not a horrible defense, but if starter Jacobi Ownes is out (he was in a walking boot) Davern has a chance to get 20 carries again.

Looks like he’s good to go. Probably slightly better in 1 pt PPR leagues. Rice is about middle of the pack when it comes to run defense. He’s not a super high touches guy, so you need him to get it done when he does touch it.

Northern Illinois – CAMERON STINGILY
Solid player. Only big issue is he’s facing a decent run defense in Ohio – so I maybe wouldn’t stack him across all your lineups just in case.

Okay, so the team might have a backup QB in, and I the team might be running a bit more. Shadrach is the safer play, and he gets catches. Woodley will either get 20 carries or 2 – so very risky but if you know some inside info, or feel like risking it Akron is not that big of a test.

Not someone I’d highly recommend, but if you simply want to punt one of your RB slots with a cheap guy, it could be worse. Just don’t expect more than 10 carries, but he does had TD’s in each of the last 2 weeks.

Wide Receiver

Had a nice game with the backup in last game with 102 yards and 1 TD. Against Bowling Green, he’s not a bad option with upside.

Northern Illinois – Da’RON BROWN
Hit or miss type guy, but with the limited games, if you don’t overpay he could be considered a WR 2.

Bowling Green – ROGER LEWIS
Hot/Cold guy that needs big plays to really be worth it, but Toledo is a poor pass defense, so he’s worth the risk.

Bowling Green – RYAN BURBRINK
I like him more in 1pt PPR leagues because he can get you 5+ catches pretty easily, but TD’s and yardage doesn’t often come with it.

Has 3 straight games with a TD and has a solid QB throwing him the ball. Downside is he really needs to get you a TD to be worth it.

Blew up last game for 132 yards and 2 TD’s. I wouldn’t expect that, but he’s not a bad option.

Is better with the starting QB in, so I wouldn’t over-stretch to have him – but he’s a good WR.

I wouldn’t overpay for this guy only because he hasn’t done much recently. But the matchup against BG is good.

Duke – JAMISON CROWDER (Thursday)
I really like this matchup and he’s a very good player. Lacks consistency of TD’s but he’s usually going to get you 5++ catches.

West Virginia – KEVIN WHITE (Thursday)
30% chance of snow flurries, so be aware. Had back-to-back 3 catch games then busted out with 16 catches. Risky, but is one of the better WR’s in the NCAA.

Kansas State – TYLER LOCKETT (Thursday)
Not a super great matchup, but he’s been showing why he’s one of the best WR’s. Curry Sexton is also viable.

Duke – ISSAC BLAKENEY (Thursday)
Risky, but he shouldn’t be too expensive. I like this matchup against a weaker UNC team.

Tight End

This dude is pretty good. He has many games with multiple catches.

This dude is really good too. Has been getting better as the season has rolled along which is a good sign.


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