Daily College Fantasy Football Picks – Week 7 (Thursday/Friday)

Interesting slate of games. If Washington State was playing virtually any other team in the PAC-12 … you could comfortably stack the lineups, but they face Stanford. There’s a few backup QB’s rolling in these games too (BYU for sure, UNLV possibly) so that should effect the outcome of those games.

BYU at Central Florida (-3)
Washington State at Stanford (-17)
San Diego State (-4.5) at New Mexico
Fresno State (-10.5) at UNLV

Washington State – CONNOR HALLIDAY
Stanford has one of the best passing defenses in the country, but there’s only 4 games to choose from so you can’t be that picky. While I don’t think he puts up the massive numbers, he should be asked to throw most of the game so you just hope he keeps the INT’s to a minimum.

Stanford – KEVIN HOGAN
Has been struggling a bit recently, but has faced some good teams this season. He should have an easier time against WSU and is viable with the limited games.

Fresno State – BRIAN BURRELL
Provides upside if he can play well. Last week had a sneaky tough matchup against San Diego State, and I’d like to think UNLV is a better matchup.

Running Back

I was a little disappointed with his numbers last week, but still got 24 carries and 94 yards, but had no TD’s and no catches. He has another good matchup this week and is a very solid option.

This is a good matchup – actually a great matchup. He’s not a massive volume guy, but should get you enough touches. I like his price too. Fellow RB Josh Quezada should also get about 10 touches in this game too.

I hate the matchup, but BYU will likely rely heavily on the run with a backup QB in the game. I’d be worried a bit UCF stuffs the box, but with the limited games, he’s one of the best options.

Washington State – JAMAL MORROW
He’s viable only in 1 pt PPR formats, plus the matchup is bad … but he’s likely only going to get 10 carries at the most, but usually will get about 4 – 6 receptions.

Both will likely get a boost with fellow RB Crusoe Gongbay out. Neither will be workhorses, but can be viable as a sleeper #2 with the limited games.

Wide Reciever

Washington State – VINCE MAYLE
Another guy that seems to be getting better each week. Just keep in mind they face Stanford – so the numbers probably aren’t going to be as good … but with only 4 games and several of the teams are more running teams, he’s viable.

Washington State – RIVER CRACRAFT
Has been getting better just about every week.

Washington State – ISIAH MYERS
See above. Don’t expect Cal or Portland State numbers, but he’ll get looks in this game.

Apparently is getting double-teamed since he’s the teams best player. Against WSU he should find some room and I like him this week.

Fresno State – JOSH HARPER
Has been steady, but not really spectacular. I actually like his matchup and his price this week, especially if he can score a TD.

Washington State – DOM WILLIAMS
Is the big-play guy on this team, so I like him the least because Stanford can put a lid on that play, but he’s the cheapest so he has upside.

If Ty is getting doubled – that means good things for this guy. I like the matchup and I like him in 1pt PPR leagues because he gets limited targets.

Tight End

was blanked last game against Notre Dame, but he’s pretty good and has a good matchup.

Is one of the few guys with catches in multiple games outside the Stanford guy. The team may have a backup QB in, so that could effect his production.
You’re on your own with the rest of the group. No one is a standout, so don’t be too concerned if you put up a zero. I cashed last week with a lineup with 3 zeros at TE, RB and WR. Luckily the Cal/WSU game saved me.

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