Daily College Fantasy Football Picks – Week 9 (Tuesday/Friday)

My favorite team is in the World Series again, so I was happy a fan on twitter reminded me that there’s College Football starting tonight. There’s a very interesting slate of games including a Friday matchup against Cal & Oregon (which is being played at Levi Stadium).

Tuesday: Arkansas State (-3) at Lousiana-Lafayette (57.5 O/U)
Thursday: Connecticut at East Carolina (-27) (55 o/u)
Thursday: Miami (-2.5) at Virginia Tech (52 o/u)
Friday: Troy at South Alabama (-14) (54 o/u)
Friday: South Florida at Cincinnati (-11) (58 o/u)
Friday: BYU at Boise State (-6.5) (56.5 o/u)
Friday: Oregon (-18) at Cal (77 o/u) Game Is At Levi Stadium


Oregon – MARCUS MARIOTA (Friday)
Only issue is he’s super expensive. They play Cal … basically the worst passing defense in the country and the game has a hefty 77 o/u. I’ll try to include some cheap guys at the other positions just in case you roll with Mariota and run out of money.

Cincinnati – GUNNER KIEL (Friday)
Came out in the 3rd quarter last game, and it’s not 100% known if it was because of a big lead or if his injured ribs were acting up. My guess is he’s fine, but you’ll want to do a status check on Friday just to make sure he’s playing. South Florida is an OK pass defense, but not great. They’ve given up 237.3 yards per game and 10 TD’s through 7 games.

Cal – JARED GOFF (Friday)
Has 300++ passing yards in each of the last 5 games. Faces Oregon – which should make this a shoot-out game considering the Cal defense can’t really stop anyone and Oregon’s defense really isn’t that good either. The game is a “home game” for Cal but is being played at Levi’s Stadium (where the 49ers play). I think his price makes him an attractive option again this week.

UConn only has given up 203.8 yards per game, but have only 1 INT and 10 TD’s through 6 games this season. Last week Carden only had 1 TD (against USF, the team Gunner Kiel is facing this week) but was held under 40+ attempts for the first time since week 1. He’s a solid pick for the Tue/Thur slate and is viable in the Thur/Fri matchups as well.

Arkansas State – FREDI KNIGHTEN (Tuesday)
He’s a little rushing-TD dependent, but he’s an effective passer facing a LA-LA team that is near the bottom giving up 256.2 yards per game and 8 TD’s through 6 weeks.

He’s filling in very well for injured Taysom Hill, and has 7 TD’s over the last 2 games. His price leaves plenty of room for upside and is a cheaper #2 QB in dual QB leagues.

Boise State – GRANT HEDRICK (Friday)
Risky play, but is a viable starter especially in 2 QB lineups. Has been completing passes at a high percentage the last 2 games and is always a minor threat to run the ball. BYU’s pass defense really isn’t that great giving up a hefty 290.6 yards per game and 11 TD’s through 7 games.

If it wasn’t for the limited games in the Tues/Thur matchups I’d say ignore this guy, but he has upside and the matchup isn’t horrible.

South Alabama – BRANDON BRIDGE (Friday)
Has a rushing TD in each of the last 3 games. His upside against Troy will be if he can get 30+ passing attempts and 10+ rushing attempts.

Running Backs

Oregon – ROYCE FREEMAN (Friday)
Has been getting better every week and has 6 rushing TD’s over the last 2 games. Is the clear #1 RB on a team that was dividing carries earlier in the season. He’s a really good option in the limited weekday games, only real issue is you hope Oregon doesn’t go pass-happy against the poor Cal secondary.

Boise State – JAY AJAYI (Friday)
Faces BYU, who’s near the top of the NCAA in stopping the run, but have given up 11 rushing TD’s through 7 weeks. I’d lean toward Ajayi more in 1pt PPR leagues because he might be used more in that compacity considering BYU has trouble stopping the pass.

South Florida – MARLON MACK (Friday)
His carries have come down a bit, but this is one of the best matchups of the week, as Cincinnati has trouble stopping the run. For the price, I think Mack will be in plenty of lineups this week.

Miami – DUKE JOHNSON (Thursday)
Has a TD in each of the last 6 games and 100+ yards rushing in each of the last 3 games. VTech isn’t the ideal matchup so Johnson might be a little expensive, but he’s a decent option in the Tues/Thur matchups.

Was hurt and didn’t play last week. The team says they expect him to play this week, and I’d consider him a somewhat risky start because there’s always that chance at re-injury and Boise St is a decent run defense. His price is not super expensive so I could see rolling with him, but I wouldn’t start him across a large amount of lineups.

Arkansas State – MICHAEL GORDON (Tuesday)
Is one of the better options for the Tuesday games, especially if he gets 10+ carries. LA-LA isn’t the worst run-D, but they aren’t that great.

Virginia Tech – MARSHAWN WILLIAMS (Thursday)
Was hurt last game, so make sure he’s playing this week. Miami isn’t a great defense and he should have some room to run.

Cal – DANIEL LASCO (Friday)
Not a big yardage muncher, so he’s somewhat risky unless he scores a TD. Last week he had 2 and has often gotten a TD – so he’s viable against an Oregon team who doesn’t have a great defense.

Oregon – BYRON MARSHALL (Friday)
Is listed as a WR on the Oregon depth chart, but still got 5 carries and also had 5 receptions and 1 TD last week. I like his matchup against Cal, and he can be used as a cheap #2 RB – especially in 1pt PPR leagues.

I’d only start this guy in 1pt PPR leagues because that’s where his upside is because he gets less than 10 carries most games. Risky play, but is viable considering the limited games on the schedule for Tue/Thur. Alonzo Harris is the guy getting the bulk of the carries and I guess I could see rolling with him because he’s pretty cheap, but keep in mind Arkansas St is a decent run-D.

ECU – BREON ALLEN (Thursday)
Another guy that’s better in 1pt PPR leagues because his carries vary.

South Alabama – JAY JONES (Friday)
Here’s the sleeper pick of the week – so I’ll put him at the bottom here so maybe grinders skip over him and you can slip him in some lineups and have an advantage. Troy is one of the worst rushing defenses in the country giving up a whopping 20 rushing TD’s through 7 games. Jay Jones is KO’d for the season. Kendall Houston, freshman Xavier Johnson and Terrance Timmons will likely fill in.

Wide Receiver

Oregon v Cal
Okay, so I’m going to bunch all these guys into one here. Do a status check on Keanon Lowe – he missed last game against UCLA with a hamstring injury. Darren Carrington filled in nicely and had 5 receptions but doesn’t have a TD this season. Dwayne Stanford also got a boost and had 5 catches as well and got a TD. Devon Allen is the teams #1 WR, but only has 4 catches over the last 2 games. For Cal – it appears Trevor Davis will be out for sure after being carted off last game. That should leave more opportunities for Bryce Treggs, Kenny Lawler, Stephen Anderson, and Chris Harper.

South Florida – ANDRE DAVIS (FRIDAY)
Great matchup against Cincinnati and he has 6 receptions and 4 total TD’s in the last 2 games.

Not the best matchup, but this guy has been getting better each week. Just hope they don’t double team him all game.

UConn – GEREMY DAVIS (Thursday)
Decent matchup and this guy has 8 receptions in each of the last 2 games. I’d lean toward him more in 1pt PPR leagues because he’s not a big yardage or TD guy.

Went OFF last game with 16 receptions for 182 yards and 2 TD’s. Boise State is better than Nevada, but clearly Mathews is the #1 target.

Looks like the return of Cam Worthy cut into his production, so he might be a little pricey, but with the limited Tues/Thur games, I could see starting him as your #2.

Miami – PHILLIP DORSETT (Thursday)
Not a really good matchup, but he’s a big-play guy so you’re gambling starting him either way. His price isn’s super high, just keep in mind VTech is solid.

ECU – CAM WORTHY (Thursday)
Missed a few weeks with an injury but is back and had 5 reception last week. His reduced price makes him an attractive option as a #3/Flex starter.

Arkansas St – J.D. McKISSIC (Tuesday)
I think this guy has some upside based on the matchup and he usually gets a few rushing attempts. Not a TD guy, so you hope he gets one.

Boise State – SHANE Williams-RHODES (Friday)
Steady, and somewhat TD dependant, but does have one in 3 consecutive weeks. With Matt Miller out again, he’s the teams best WR.

Virginia Tech – CAM PHILLIPS (Thursday)
Has 6 or 7 catches in 3 out of the last 4 games and he’s pretty cheap. He’s not a horrible option in 1pt PPR leagues as your cheap #3.

Virginia Tech – ISAIAH FORD (Thursday)
Not a big-stat guy, but is steady enough you can use him as a cheaper #3.

South Alabama – SHAVAREZ SMITH (Friday)
Gamblers pick here, but I’m guessing Troy will need to stack the box at times to stop the run, which might leave some room for Smith to go off.

Tight End

Oregon – PHARAOH BROWN (Friday)
Very solid the last 2 games and Mariota looks for him in the red-zone.

Boise State – JAKE ROH (Friday)
Has 3 receptions in each of the last 5 weeks.

Miami – CLIVE WALFORD (Thursday)
Consistent, and usually is involved a bit every week.

VTech – BUCKY HODGES (Thursday)
Solid option, and also sometimes gets some rushing attempts in short yardage spots.

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