Daily College Fantasy Football QB Picks – Week 1 (Thursday)

Week 1 of the college fantasy football season is almost here! Today I’m running down some QB picks for the Thursday games. There’s a nice mix of known ‘names’ like Trevone Boykin, Marquise Williams and Anu Solomon, but there’s also plenty of value QBs to be selected as well. There’s some QB situations (like Michigan, Ohio, and Oklahoma State) which either haven’t been decided or likely going to have split QBs playing. It’s safe to assume most daily college fantasy football grinders will avoid those situations, so the usage rates around the QBs I have listed will be fairly high. Your edge will be in the WR/RB/TE spots and I’ll be posting picks for those positions shortly.

Be sure to return and check for updates to this page as we get closer to gametime, I’ll make some adjustments as we draw closer to the games being played.

Week 1 CFB (Thursday) – RB Picks
Week 1 CFB (Thursday) – WR Picks
Week 1 CFB (Thursday) – TE Picks

Quarterback Plays:

BRANDON DOUGHTY – Western Kentucky
He’s the 2nd highest priced QB on FanDuel, but is the 4th highest priced QB on DraftKings, so I like his value more on DK. Last season WKU threw the ball a lot, I’ve read stuff this off-season from the coach saying he wants a more balanced attack, but I still think they’ll air it out quite a bit. Vanderbilt’s pass defense was slightly above average last season, but nothing that WKU will be too concerned about.

Not a cupcake matchup against Minnesota on the road, but he’s had success against them in the past. The only real question around Boykin is do you get any value from starting him given he’s the most expensive QB on the board? Given that it’s week 1, I think you’ll find plenty of sleeper WRs/RBs to play, but Boykin will need to get you 3+ TDs to provide much upside given his salary.

Last season AZ almost lost to UTSA, and Solomon was 17/32 for 231 yards and only 1 TD in that game. However, that UTSA team was made up of lots of JuCo transfers who had experience playing college football. Nearly the entire UTSA roster has been turned over and Vegas is predicting a huge blowout this year (they did last year too though). I think the only real risk with Solomon is AZ gets up by so much early that they hardly throw (or he’s taken out early).

Faces off against a South Carolina passing defense that was slightly above average last season. However, with Williams, you’re hoping he gets you lots of yards on the ground. South Carolina is returning most of it’s starters on defense from last season, including everyone from the secondary. The fact this game is at home for Williams should make it much easier than being in South Carolina. Basically I think the daily fantasy sites have him priced to perfection to where he’s going to have to get you some decent stats to provide upside, but he’s consistent enough that you know he’s going to produce. USC also has some younger players on offense, so it’s likely Williams benefits from some short fields during the game as well. Overall I like Williams as a play this week, just not expecting a massive stat game against a worthy opponent.

CONNOR MITCH – South Carolina
In 2 QB leagues, Mitch might have high usage rates because he’s one of the cheaper QBs on the board. He’s thrown only 6 passes in his career, but was a prolific passer in high school. The key this week is he faces off against (what we’ll assume will be) a weak North Carolina defense at home. North Carolina will likely pressure South Carolina to throw, as the running game is the strength of the offense this season. I think the lack of experience means you don’t stack Mitch across all your lineups, but he’s worth a shot in a few lineups because of the matchup and the fact he’s not very expensive.

The matchup looks pretty tough on paper, and last season Leidner was 12/26 for only 151 and 1 INT against TCU. However, this game will be at home and TCU did lose some key members of their defense. The things I like about Leidner is he’s a very cheap option at QB and the fact Minnesota should be throwing late in this game. While he’s not a guy you should stack your lineups with, if you need a cheap QB2, Leidner is worth taking a shot on.

I really like this matchup against a weaker Ohio pass defense at home. I don’t have 100% confirmation that Linehan is the starter and/or will split reps, but quite possibly by next week that will be confirmed. I think if you have confirmation he’s the starter, Linehan offers great value given he’s nearly minimum priced for QBs this week and the matchup is a good one.

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Has a good matchup against WKU, but it’s still not 100% certain he’s the starting QB (or will get all the reps). So I’ll wait until next week to decide if he’s worth a look in your lineups. 9/3 Update: Beat reporters say they’d be shocked if he wasn’t the starter, but I think a bit too risky still despite the good matchup.

Mainly a goal-line QB, but appears to have the job in hand heading into week 1. Too much mystery for me to really jump on board putting him in lineups, but he’s worth monitoring.


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