Daily College Fantasy Football QB Picks – Week 10 (Tues-Thur)

We’ve got a big Tuesday – Thursday slate of college football games to play daily college fantasy football this week! As of writing this, I didn’t have many Vegas totals, nor did I have Draftkings salaries or game structure. Right now, Fanduel is running a Tues-Thurs CFB slate and has a Thurs only.

Here are the games we are picking from. I might come back & make some adjustments once we see Vegas totals.

Northern Illinois @ Toledo (-8) 65 o/u
Ohio @ Bowling Green (-18) 65.5 o/u
Baylor (-17) @ Kansas State 69.5 o/u
Buffalo (-2.5) @ Kent State 48 o/u
Arkansas St @ App State (-11.5) 62.5 o/u
Ball St @ Western Michigan (-14.5) 63.5 o/u
Mississippi State (-7) @ Missouri 39 o/u
Nevada (-4.5) @ Fresno State 55.5 o/u

What an interesting group of QBs. I think there are some excellent cash game selections and some intriguing situations that could go boom or bust!

Jarrett Stidham – Baylor
$8,400 Fanduel
True freshman. Been at Baylor since the spring and has played a bit this season. Dual threat QB who earned all-state honors in High School at QB, but also WR. I both love & fear this situation. Part of me loves it because there’s mystery, and it’s hard to project his stats. The fear is – if you don’t roster him and he has a huge game – you look like a total fool. Kansas State only has 3 INTs on the season vs 12 TDs. QBs have a generous 63.9% passing completion against them as well.
Zach Terrell – Western Michigan
$8,200 Fanduel
He’s been super consistent the past few week- even last week where he only had 1 TD, he still ended up with 23 fantasy points, similar to prior weeks where he had 3 or 4 TDs. I like this matchup against Ball St, which have given up 18 passing TDs with only 7 INTs, 293 yards per game too. I think he makes an interesting cash game play given his consistency and he could hit a nice point-per-dollar if he simply keeps doing what he’s been doing.
Taylor Lamb – App St
$8,500 Fanduel
This is a good matchup against a pass defense that has given up points & yards to good QBs this season. Lamb has been very steady all season and I think he makes an above average cash game QB this week if you can fade the Baylor matchup.
Matt Johnson – Bowling Green
$10,800 Fanduel
Seems to have about a 25 fantasy point floor so I can see why he’s priced at $10,800. Ohio actually has above average passing defense stats on paper, but they haven’t played anyone like Johnson. On the season, teams only have 6 passing TDs and 198 yards per game. However, Ohio only has 15 sacks, and QBs have completed 60.6% of passes against them. If you build a lineup where Johnson fits, I say roll with it, but I don’t think I’ll be going out of my way to roster him in tournaments because while I think his floor is high, his upside is also likely capped a bit as well.
Phillip Ely – Toledo
$8,200 Fanduel
Something tells me he might be somewhat low-owned, which might boost his tournament appeal. For the same price I think grinders gravitate towards Terrell because the matchup is better, but good QBs have had success against Northern Illinois this season.
Kilton Anderson – Fresno State
$5,000 Fanduel
Okay, so just examining the game log, he’s had only 1 good game – against UNLV. The other teams he’s faced, Air Force, Utah State and SJ State (came in late) are all really strong defenses that I would expect any QB to struggle against … especially a freshman just taking over the job. I think Anderson is a calculated gamblers pick in tournaments because I believe he has 3 TD upside in this game.
Dak Prescott – Miss St
$10,700 Fanduel
If he was about $9,000 I think he’d make an attractive play. At this price and this matchup I think he’s a fade again. Even if I’m wrong (again) and he has a big game, I don’t think many people will be rostering him so you can almost act like this game isn’t on the board.

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