Daily College Fantasy Football QB Picks – Week 11 (Early Saturday)

Like I said last week – at this point in the season, sometimes the only players underpriced at the highest priced players. You can do the math by looking at the box scores – Boykin delivers on value so consistently that it’s difficult to want to start anyone else. Plus he’s facing a terrible defense during a week TCU will likely try to run up the score as much as possible to try and make up for the terrible loss they had last week. That being said, in tournaments and certainly in the 2 QB format on DK you have to mix it up a bit – so I’ve included the other QBs I like. I think the strategy remains the same, pay up for QB performance & we’ll save money on WR/RB.

Kansas @ TCU (-45) 71.5 o/u
Maryland @ Michigan State (-14.5) 55.5 o/u
Ohio State (-16.5) @ Illinois 55 o/u
Pitt @ Duke (-3) 50 o/u
Florida (-7.5) @ South Carolina 46.5 o/u
Georgia @ Auburn (-1.5) 52.5 o/u
Texas @ West Virginia (-8.5) 53 o/u
NC State @ Florida State (-9.5) 54 o/u
Washington @ Arizona State (-2.5) 52.5 o/u
Alabama (-8) @ Mississippi State 51.5 o/u
Clemson (-28) @ Syracuse 57.5 o/u
Kansas State @ Texas Tech (-5.5) 71.5 o/u
Miami @ UNC (-13) 66 o/u
Michigan (-13) @ Indiana 56 o/u
Oklahoma State (-14) @ Iowa St 61 o/u
Wake Forest @ Notre Dame (-27) 52 o/u

Trevone Boykin – TCU
$10,100 Draftkings
$10,400 Fanduel
I think the QB rankings could start & end with Boykin. He’s comfortably delivering 4x value against a range of opponents – and this week he gets probably his easiest test of the season. Kansas has given up 25 TDs with only 5 INTs all season. QBs have completed an incredible 69.9% on the season. The only risk to Boykin dominating seem to be injury or blowout.

Patrick Mahomes – Texas Tech
$9,300 Fanduel
$8,500 Draftkings
His upside is priced in pretty well on both sites but this matchup is really good so he has 4+ TD upside. I’d lean toward him more in tournaments because of that.

DeShaun Watson – Clemson
$8,700 Draftkings
$9,800 Fanduel
Not very consistent, but can be spectacular. Still prefer Boykin in almost all spots – except large field tournaments where playing the lower owned Watson might be an advantage. This is a favorable matchup where Watson’s only limitation appears to be a blowout win.

Marquise Williams – UNC
$8,400 Draftkings
$8,900 Fanduel
Can’t leave him off after what he did last week, I still think he’s a slightly above average tournament pick – but I’d avoid him in cash since he can easily put up a dud.

J.T. Barrett – Ohio State
$8,600 Draftkings
$9,300 Fanduel
He’s on the edge of value on both sites, so he’ll need to really perform after a week off from suspension. You’ll also need to do a status check just in case he gets iced (or pulled over) again  🙂

Connor Cook – Michigan State
$7,400 Draftkings
I like other QBs in his price range better on Fanduel, but on DK in the 2 QB format you can really mix it up quite a bit. Cook is kind of a cash game only QB because while he does have 4 TD upside, he doesn’t really exceed that. This is a favorable matchup.

Mason Rudolph – Oklahoma St
$6,900 Draftkings
$7,300 Fanduel
Very risky even after putting up 5 TDs last week against TCU. However, this is a very favorable matchup against Iowa St who’s given up 23 TDs and only 4 INTs on the season. Strictly a tournament QB for my tastes.

Joe Hubener – Kansas State
$6,200 Fanduel
$6,500 Draftkings
Viable in tournaments since he has 4 TD upside and faces a team that can give up lots of TDs.

Dak Prescott – Miss St
$7,500 Draftkings
His upside is priced in on FD, but it’s fallen to the point where I think you can look at Prescott now on Draftkings. I’d say he’s more of a risky tournament play, but I think he should be low-owned because he’s facing a tough defense. You never know in college football, and Prescott is an exceptional athlete. I probably won’t play him, but he’s worth monitoring because if he has a bad game his price might trend even lower and he’ll be ripe for the pickings in later weeks.

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