Daily College Fantasy Football QB Picks – Week 11 (Tues-Wed)

Good to see both sites with a similar Tuesday/Wednesday daily college fantasy football slates to pick from. Should make creating lineups somewhat easier – except at QB where the 2 QB format on Dk really makes things interesting. If you do the quick math dollar per point … it’s really hard not playing Matt Johnson across every lineup this week. I think that will be a good idea in cash games, since he could lay a dud – and still reach a dollar-per-point value that is similar to the other QBs. In tournaments I think he’s a 100% fade unless enough people read this and do the same thing. I think you move all the way down to Graham or Rush on Fanduel, since Terrell will be the natural place most people will fall. On Draftkings, there will be enough combinations with the 2 QBs that I don’t think you need to worry about it as much.

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Here are the games we are picking from. I think again in tournaments, you might want to absorb some upside of the BG/WM game by playing some position players, but few grinders will have action in the Kent State/Ohio matchup since it’s not favorable. In cash games, stacking the BG/WM game should be ideal.

Kent State @ Ohio (-7) 44 o/u
Toledo (-4) @ Central Michigan 52.5 o/u
Bowling Green (-3) @ Western Michigan 75.5 o/u
Northern Illinois (-6) @ Buffalo 55.5 o/u

Matt Johnson – Bowling Green
$10,600 Fanduel
$9,500 Draftkings
Not sure it would be a good idea to play anyone but Johnson in cash games, since he’s comfortably been hitting value even at these elevated prices. At this point in the season, sometimes only the most expensive players are underpriced. In tournaments I think you fade Johnson and hope this game turns a different direction – which is possible since Western Michigan is capable of holding Johnson to 2 TDs.

Zach Terrell – WMU
$8,900 Fanduel
Would need to deliver a better than normal game to provide much value at these prices so I’d stay away in cash. However, he has 4 TD upside making him a nice tournament selection.

Ryan Graham – NIU
$5,700 Draftkings
$6,700 Fanduel
This is why daily fantasy college football is awesome! There’s such a lack of knowledge & information that it makes things more exciting. Play fantasy basketball & baseball without algorithms doing most of the work & you’re screwed … but with fantasy college football there’s no such thing. Graham is a red-shirt freshman who’s filling in for the injured Drew Hare. Graham is a dual threat QB, so I like his chances of being able to hit value on Draftkings as a nice cheap #2 QB. On Fanduel he’s a great tournament option but will likely have higher than normal usage. He’s not a layup to get 20++ fantasy points but this is a pretty good spot for it.

Cooper Rush – CMU
$5,600 Draftkings
$7,900 Fanduel
I think he’s a lower-end (and likely low owned) tournament QB on Fanduel because he does have 4 TD upside. However, on Draftkings – I think he can provide value across the board as a cheaper #2 QB. The matchup isn’t easy or ideal, but it’s not a brick wall and Rush does often throw it plenty of times per game.

Joe Licata – Buffalo
$5,100 Draftkings
Lower-end QB 2 on Draftkings capable of hitting value in this matchup. I’d ignore him except for complete flyer tournament lineups on Fanduel since he’d need to deliver the game of his life to deliver much value.

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