Daily College Fantasy Football – QB Picks – Week 2 (Saturday)

Here are this weeks daily college fantasy football QB picks for the week. I’m probably going to roll with a mix of these guys over the weekend. I think you can find value top-to-bottom here so mixing it up might be the best strategy. There are some late games that I will add later on.

UAB at Mississippi State (-28.5) – QB DAK PRESCOTT
Highest priced dude on the board. You should expect about the same production as last week as he faces an equally weak defense.

Western Kentucky at Illionois (-6) – QB BRANDON DOUGHTY lead all teams last week in passing yards. This week they face Illinois, who looked shaky at times last week against Youngstown State. I was wrong to avoid him last week.

Had a rather spectacular performance last week with 5 total TD’s. BYU will have suspended RB Jamaal Williams back and they face a better team this week, however Hill will likely account for a large percentage of BYU’s offense.

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Missouri (-4) at Toledo MATY MAUK
Last week Toledo gave up 338 passing yards against New Hampshire – so Mauk should have some room to throw himself.

Michigan State at Oregon – MARCUS MARIOTA
The Bengals drafted a MSU CB in the 1st round, but this should be a decent test for Mariota and the Ducks. I knock him down the list a bit because his price is lofty, which doesn’t leave much room for upside. However Vegas sees this game being somewhat close for Oregon standards – so he might be throwing all game.

Christian went off for 454 yards but did only manage 1 TD with 2 picks. He shouldn’t have much problem against Akron this week either – you just hope he can manage 2+ TD’s.

East Carolina at South Carolina (-16) – SHANE CARDEN
He’s not super cheap, but does face a disgraced South Carolina defense that couldn’t do anything last week.

Arizona State at New Mexico – TAYLOR KELLY
Didn’t go off last week, so maybe the coach lets him this week? New Mexico did keep UTEP’s passing game in check, while getting whacked in the ground game – so it might be the same this week for AZ State. Hard to avoid this type of talent though.

Duke at Troy – ANTHONY BOONE
Started the year off vs Elon and this isn’t that much more of a test. Boone isn’t all that expensive on FanDuel either.

East Carolina at South Carolina – DYLAN THOMPSON
Not super expensive and he had a pretty good game last week statistically … though his team was in comeback mode. I’d probably boost him up a bit more if RB Mike Davis is ruled out. Vegas also see’s this game as being high scoring.

Kansas State at Iowa State – JAKE WATERS
Is a big part of the offense. Waters should have room to run and throw against this team.

Oklahoma at Tulsa – TREVOR KNIGHT
Good matchup and his teams a huge favorite. Probably more of a safe pick than one with huge upside.

Michigan at Notre Dame – DEVIN GARDNER
Was very efficiant in a blowout win against App State last week. Will likely be required to do more this week, and that might actually be good for fantasy owners.

Michigan at Notre Dame – EVERETT GOLSON
Dude is good. There are easier matchups on the board this week so I’ll probably avoid him for the most part but they are at home.

Old Dominion at North Carolina StateJACOBY BRISSETT
Little biased since he won me some cash last week. However, once he got in rythm in the 3rd and 4th quarter … it was like watching practice. Still not super expensive, has upside because he’ll get you some rushing yards too.

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