Daily College Fantasy Football QB Picks – Week 2 (Thursday/Friday)

Here are my daily college fantasy football QB rankings for Thursday 9/10 and Friday 9/11. There are some leagues that start today (Monday) that include the Ohio State VTech game, but honestly you can learn about that matchup on just about any site since it’s being covered like an NFL game.

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I think this is an interesting group of QB. There’s going to be a certain percentage of grinders who shy away from Doughty because they got burned by him last week. I think there’s some “safe” plays at QB this week too, which should be utilized quite a bit in 50/50 type scenarios. As always, things might change leading up to gameday so be sure to check back later in the week for the final verdict.

JEFF DRISKEL – Lousiana Tech
$8,000 FanDuel
Last week against Southern (box score), Jeff blew it out of the park with 274 yards 4 TDs on only 15 passing attempts before giving way to backup QBs in the blowout win game. WKU launched as a 3 point favorite at home, so we’ll assume Driskel will be playing the entire game. Last week, Driskel’s opponent held Vanderbilt in check most of the game, but the Commodores aren’t a team built around a strong passing game. However, it appears WKU’s defense has improved over last season.
$7,600 FanDuel
Last week he accounted for 360 of the teams 563 total yards. That was against a very weak Tulsa defense, and Miami’s is going to seem like an NFL defense compared to that. Last week Miami played a cupcake & shut them out, and Miami had one of the top rankings pass defenses in the country in 2014. Vegas is betting on a high scoring game (67 o/u) and predicting Miami wins by “only” 17 points. The open was 67 o/u, now we’re looking at 55 o/u. That would still mean Johnson should have plenty of opportunities to put up stats in this one. I think if Johnson can avoid getting sacked, he’s attractively priced on FanDuel. Based on the matchup, he’s a risk running out in all your lineups, but worth taking a shot at because he’s going to account for a large percentage of the teams plays.
$7,900 FanDuel
Last week in a game that was shortened due to weather, Kaaya was 16/27 for 173 yards with 2 TDs. That was against an easy opponent, but Florida Atlantic isn’t exactly incredibly tough on defense either. In 1 QB leagues, Kaaya is going to be viewed as a safe play with upside. In 2 QB fantasy leagues, he’s a nice pair with another QB on this list.
$9,000 FanDuel
Last week against Vanderbilt Doughty stunk it up a bit. 19/30 for 209 with 1 TD was very disappointing. Vanderbilt in 2014 was an above average passing defense, so we won’t worry too much about last week … although the offense did look out of sync most of the game. LA Tech should be an easier test for WKU this week, but by no means are they just a pushover. Last season, WKU lost to LA Tech 59 – 10, and Doughty had a terrible game with only 134 yards and 4 INTs. Different team, different year, but based on what we saw last week from Doughty, I’m assuming many grinders will shy away from paying top price for him this week.
$7,500 FanDuel
Vegas is predicting a low scoring game here with two decent defenses. Last week against Michigan, Wilson threw the ball 33 times and ran the ball 12 (including 1 TD). Usage rates in 1 QB leagues will likely be fairly low, but he’s the cheap #2 that does have some upside in the running game this week. 

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