Daily College Fantasy Football QB Picks – Week 7 (Tuesday/Friday)

Green on the screen is what they’ve been saying for the last 5 years or so on CNBC  … and this week we’ve got lots of tasty matchups to take advantage of. DraftKings has a Tues/Thur slate I’m probably not going to put a bunch of action on because the 2 QB format is going to make it tough for you to love your lineups. FanDuels Tue-Fri slate should be popular because it includes a wider range of QB’s and other players in good matchups. I’ll likely go overweight what I normally do for CFB this week because there should be a nice diversity of lineups that are generated based on the additional games you can pick from.

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Arkansas State (-5) @ South Alabama 50.5 o/u
Auburn (-2) @ Kentucky 51 o/u
Western Kentucky (-33) @ North Texas 68 o/u
UCLA @ Stanford (-6) 56 o/u
Cincinnati @ BYU (-7)
Houston (-17.5) @ Tulane 63 o/u
Boise State (-9.5) @ Utah State 47 o/u
UNLV (-5) @ Fresno State 55 o/u

Brandon Doughty – WKU
$9,700 Draftkings
$10,000 Fanduel
North Texas has ZERO interceptions on the year against 14 passing TD’s. Teams have averaged 289 yards per game and a lofty 73.4% completion percentage. Basically this is as good of matchup as you can hope for someone like Doughty. I expect really high usage rates, but he’s likely worth it. On DK’s Tue/Thur slate of games, avoiding Doughty will likely be impossible.

Greg Ward – Houston
$10,300 Fanduel
Ward either won or lost you a bunch of money in cash games last week where he torched SMU for about 40 fantasy points. This week’s a little different because you have Doughty, who’s $300 cheaper than Ward and that might tip the scales toward Doughty being the most used QB. Personally I’ll probably split my usage 50/50 on FanDuel (which is a 1 QB format) between Ward & Doughty who are the clear favorites to have a good game. Doughty has slightly more of a “blowout risk” where he might be shut down before he really goes off because North Texas sucks, and Ward has slightly higher “injury risk” because he’s a running QB. That’s why I think it’ll be smart to expose yourself equally to both especially in cash games.

Tanner Mangum – BYU
$8,100 Fanduel
This guy seems to be getting more comfortable as the games roll along here. This is a great matchup. His usage might be lower than normal on Fanduel because he does have a hamstring issue, but it’s likely he plays.

Fredi Knighten – Arkansas State
$7,400 Draftkings
$8,500 Fanduel
Last season against South Alabama Knighten recorded 3 total TD’s so we’ll assume he’s capable of a similar performance. Probably more of a tournament QB since his floor is pretty low if he doesn’t score you some TDs.

Gunner Kiel/Hayden Moore – Cincinnati
$8,000/$8,500 Fanduel
Tricky situation here. On Fanduel where lineups lock – these two will be a tough play because it’s not clear who will start. Kiel has been cleared for play, and my guess will be the Cincinnati coach turns this into a ‘gametime decision’ on who the starting QB will be. I could be wrong, but seems like a good spot for it. On games that start later in the week – the situation may be more clear here, but for now I think it’s too risky other than maybe a tournament pick hoping to guess right.

Kevin Hogan – Stanford
$6,700 Draftkings
$8,500 Fanduel
I’d only play him on DK in the 2 QB format since this matchup isn’t ideal … but sometimes these PAC-12 matchups can turn into shootout. Last season against UCLA Hogan had 2 TD’s and 234 passing yards, but his weapons were better last year, and I think UCLA is probably a little better defensively too. However, Hogan has delivered at least 2 TDs over the last few weeks so if he can do that again I think you’d be happy.

Tanner Lee – Tulane
$5,900 Fanduel
Fanduel’s game notes says Houston is a tough pass defense … I wouldn’t call it tough, but it does have some good players. Lee is strictly a lower end tournament option, but he could surprise to the upside.

Patrick Towles – Kentucky
$6,300 Draftkings
$6,200 Fanduel
Risky start, but on Draftkings you have limited options so I think he’s probably someone you have to look at because he is capable of throwing it 30+ times. Strictly a tournament flyer pick on Fanduel.

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