Daily College Fantasy Football QB/WR/RB Picks – Bowl Week (Mon/Tues)

I’ve tried to cover the Monday games a little more in-depth than I probably normally would simply because you’re going to have to dig a little if you play that slate. One strategy I might do is register for Mon/Tues CFB contests, but fade the Monday games – and pick my lineups on Tuesday. Considering the Monday contests feature the two lowest Vegas totals, it might not be a bad strategy.

Monday Only Strategy: Okay – so anyone that does even just box-score research will have Reynolds, Ollison, and Boyd. That makes cash games, and especially H2H a game of the scrubs. If you have the ability to pick scrub players – you could have a HUGE week playing H2H. What I’ll likely do is play mostly cash games, but I’ll enter some odd lineups in GPPs (plus more chalk lineups where I rotate scrubs). Reynolds (a running QB) has been hurt many times before and the other chalk plays are not as big of locks as I’ve seen. Casual players should stick to the chalk plays listed above – and roll the dice elsewhere. Experienced players should focus heavily on rotating scrubs around your core.

Tuesday Games Author Note: Due to time constraints, I’m going to cover the Monday Games Pitt/Navy, CMU/Minn more in-depth at first, since we need to get our lineups in before lock on Monday. Because you can late swap on Draftkings – I’ll do a more in-depth analysis of the options in those games likely Monday night. I’ll included some of the surface level plays tomorrow morning when I’m building lineups on DK, but I’ll dig a little deeper later on. As I covered above, my strategy will be to fade Monday’s games and just build my lineups on Monday night/Tuesday. Be sure to return here for analysis of those games.

Here are the schedule of games of the daily college fantasy football bowl games Monday 12/28 – Tuesday 12/29

Pitt @ Navy (-3) 52.5 o/u
CMU @ Minnesota (-4) 48 o/u
Air Force @ Cal (-7) 67.5 o/u
Baylor @ UNC (-3) 69 o/u
Nevada @ Colorado State (-3) 56 o/u
Texas Tech @ LSU (-7) 73.5 o/u
Baylor @ UNC (-2.5) 69 o/u
Air Force @ Cal (-7) 69 o/u

Keenan Reynolds – Navy
$9,200 Draftkings
$9,600 Fanduel
In the Monday Only slates, he’s really controlling what you’re entire lineup looks like. Certainly high volume players will want a percentage of lineups fading this spot. The Mon-Tue makes Reynolds less in play, but he’s always an option since he’s capable of getting you 100 yards 2+ TDs rushing.

Marquise Williams – UNC
$8,000 Draftkings
Seems like a really good spot for Williams. If Baylor can keep the pressure on UNC to score, he could have a nice day.

Pat Mahomes – TT
$8,100 Draftkings
$9,600 Fanduel
Vegas is predicting a big total in this one. As a 7 point underdog, you have to like Mahomes chances to throw.

Jared Goff – Cal
$7,300 Draftkings
$9,100 Fanduel
Total has gone up, and Cal’s point spread has gone up. So if you believe in Vegas bookies – those things should be good for Goff. Being of the only pure passers on the slate makes him attractive.

Cooper Rush – CMU
$8,700 Fanduel
$5,900 Draftkings
Minnesota played some really top notch teams this season and only gave up 13 passing TDs!! That makes Rush a risky play due to an upside that is likely capped. Personally I think it’s a mistake to play him – so playing the Monday only slate with 100% Keenan Reynolds is probably not a terrible idea because so few people will play another QB it almost doesn’t matter what Reynolds does. That being said, Rush makes the perfect contrarian QB start since he has 30 point upside.

Karson Roberts – Air Force
$7000 Fanduel
Game log doesn’t look bad, and I’ve seen him play once before. At these prices he’s not a terrible GPP option since I think he has 4 TD upside if all goes perfectly. Certainly can be a cheaper #2 QB on DK

Brandon Harris – LSU
$4,900 Draftkings
$5,800 Fanduel
Has tournament appeal.

Chris Johnson – Baylor
$6,200 Draftkings
$6,700 Fanduel
Certainly want to roster Johnson, but it’s risky since he only has 1 decent game to prove he’s worth this much salary. More of a 10% exposure GPP QB for my tastes.

Nate Peterman – Pitt
$5,400 Draftkings
$8,700 Fanduel
Not a scary matchup, but likely not a guy you’re going to have in more than 1 or 2 lineups max.

Running Backs

Leonard Fournette – LSU
$9,400 Draftkings
Best RB on the board faces the worst run defense on the board.

Elijah Hood – UNC
$6,700 Draftkings
Always viable in lots of formats. If UNC gets a 2+ score lead he could get 20 touches.

Johnny Jefferson – Baylor
$6,200 Draftkings
Played emergency QB against Texas – so that explains the massive uptick in fantasy points. He’s still useful with Shock Linwood out, but Devin Chafin at $5,600 is probably where you can go as well.

Qadree Ollison – Pitt
$7,500 Fanduel
$5,100 Draftkings
I’m pretty sure he’s healthy since I didn’t see much about that. In the Monday only slate, he’s kind of like Reynolds – you almost have to roster him 100% of lineups. On DK … he’s a guy I wouldn’t go out of my way to get but at $5,100 he’s an option for sure.

Chris Swain – Navy
$5,300 Draftkings
$6,000 Fanduel
At 6k in the Monday only slate I don’t mind him in a lot of lineups because he likely projects out to 12+ touches. On DK – I think you can fade his action and not get hurt if he blows up for some reason.

Tre Watson – Cal
$4,400 Draftkings
$5,000 Fanduel
Appears to be getting most of the carries with Lasco out/limited. At these prices he’s not a terrible RB mini-punt.

Timothy McVey – Air Force
$5,700 Draftkings
$6,800 Fanduel
Not sure what his parents were thinking since he was born well outside the range where naming your kid Timothy with the last name McVey is a terrible idea. Anyway. As you can see – this guy is the definition of a GPP RB. He’s either get you 67 fantasy points or 0. Got to love it.

Jacobi Owens – Air Force
$5,000 Draftkings
$5,200 Fanduel
At these prices and this matchup I don’t mind playing him in cash, but he’s not a huge upside guy normally.

Shannon Brooks – Minnesota
$6,600 Draftkings
$7,900 Fanduel
If you believe in game flow, Minnesota should be trying to wear down the clock in this one. The team has some other guys that should touch the ball almost as much as Brooks depending on what the coaches decide to do.

Martez Walker – CMU
$4,400 Draftkings
$5,700 Fanduel
I have zero clue if he’ll get more touches than other RBs on the team – but Walker can have a nice game every once in a while. The only reason to care is I believe CMU’s only chance to win is by running – and it’s likely the coaching staff has an idea about that as well. Jahray Hayes is second on the team in carries and sits at minimum price. He’s not a terrible punt play if you need one at RB I would guess.

Romello Ross – CMU
$4,100 Draftkings
$5,800 Fanduel
Was a freshman RB on red-shirt, but CMU had several RBs go down with injuries so they started playing Ross in October. He exploded for 3 TDs in his last game, but it would be a mistake to think that’s going to happen again. That being said, CMU’s best chance to win is by running so we’ll see how Ross is used. He’s a risky GPP play at best in my eyes.

James Butler – Don Jackson – Nevada
I guess you could play both, but I don’t think the matchup is that good. However Butler is the higher upside guy. I think Nevada runs the ball in this game if they can given the matchup.

Wide Receiver

Tyler Boyd – Pitt
$8,100 Fanduel
$6,600 Draftkings
Probably one of the only players I’d roster in more than a few spots on DK from the Monday slate. Boyd is pretty much the Pitt passing game, and Navy isn’t super scary as a pass defense – especially against someone of this caliber.

Rashard Higgins – CSU
$6,200 Draftkings
$6,600 Fanduel
Always viable.

Jakeem Grant – TT
Ian Sadler – TT
Both are very viable in all formats.

Ryan Switzer UNC
Quinshad Davis UNC
Pairing Williams with one of these two isn’t required, but if the salary works I don’t mind it.

Corey Willis – CMU
$5,900 Fanduel
Very interesting player here since he often gets touches in the run game, and his price should allow you to fit him into a stars/scrub lineup.

Jamir Tillman – Navy
$6,900 Fanduel
I’d assume with the extra time off – the coaches have had time to implement some passing plays. He’s attractive if you can fit him in with Reynolds.

Mark Chapman – CMU
$5,300 Fanduel
Has been between 4-6 catches most of the season. Rarely gets TDs, which probably aren’t going to happen much in this game anyway – so his stats probably project out the best of the CMU group.

Anthony Rice – CMU
$5,900 Fanduel
Not a terrible option given the choices/salary.

Jesse Kroll – CMU
$6,900 Fanduel
Looks like he either gets 7 receptions or 2 … with unreal consistency too.

KJ Maye – Minnesota
$6,300 Fanduel
Trying to pair him with Leidner in lineups that make sense is a challenge, but Maye isn’t a bad option for higher volume players since the game is in a dome.

Jalen Robinette – AF
Garrett Griffin – AF (TE on Fanduel)
Both are basically min priced. I like the Air Force QB, so if all goes perfectly these guys have some GPP appeal.

Malachi Dupre – LSU
Pairing with Harris in one GPP lineup is almost required today.

Bryce Treggs
Kenny Lawler
Stephen Anderson
Adrius Powe
Mauriece Harris
All have a range of talents, problem is landing on one. I could see if you’re trying to chose between one play or another – the sheer number of targets might lead you to a Cal guy, but it’s hard to predict which one will get the most touches.

Brandon Lingen – Minn (TE)
$3,000 Draftkings – Is playable since I didn’t see much salary relief at WR/RB/QB on Draftkings.
Ben McCord – CMU (TE)
JP Holtz – Pitt (TE)
Scott Orndoff – Pitt (TE)
All are viable. It’s probably going to be tough to fit in the top guys in all lineups. Don’t feel too bad fading them, but that’s why high volume guys should probably try and target Lingen and McCord in the contrarian lineups.

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