Daily College Fantasy Football QB/WR/RB Picks – Bowl Week (Wednesday)

Very interesting game mix for this Wednesday slate of College Football bowl games. The two games you want to stack have some weather concerns. Doesn’t look like too much wind – so I’m not too concerned, but something to keep in mind.

Memphis @ Auburn (-3.5) 63 o/u (Rain 60% – Appears it might clear up a little)
NC State @ Miss St (-6) 60 o/u (Rain 80% – Scattered T-Storms Expected)
Louisville (-5) @ Texas AM 48 o/u
Wisconsin @ USC (-3.5) 50.5 o/u

Paxton Lynch – Memphis
$9,900 Fanduel
$8,300 Draftkings
Certainly in play in this matchup as Auburn had trouble stopping the pass most of the season.

Dak Prescott – Miss St
$8,600 Draftkings
$10,500 Fanduel
Probably has the widest range of outcomes of any college QB I’ve seen this season. Not a lock at this price, matchup.

Jacoby Brissett – NC State
$8,600 Fanduel
$6,200 Draftkings
One of the best QBs in college football most people haven’t heard of. He doesn’t have a ton of talent around him, but you will see today he’s very good at moving around the pocket/buying time … so there’s always a chance he gets you 3+ scores.

Lamar Jackson – Louisville
$6,400 Draftkings
$8,500 Fanduel
Certainly viable only because most of Jackson’s upside is in the run game, and this is a matchup where Louisville will be expected to run against A&M’s poor run defense.

Jake Hubenak – AM
$5,800 Draftkings
$7,000 Fanduel
Probably viable, mainly on draftkings, has the talent around him to have a big game. The matchup dictates that AM will try to pass.

Running Backs

Brandon Radcliff – Louisville
$4,300 Draftkings
$6,300 Fanduel
I LOVE this matchup and these prices – I think you have to take almost 100% lineup shot here. Lamar Jackson should be able to keep the pressure on this team, leaving room for Radcliff. Teammate Jeremy Smith would be a deep GPP sleeper/punt play.

Dare Ogunbowale – Wisconsin
$5,500 Draftkings
$6,100 Fanduel
If the USC kids have been partying the last few weeks (I would have) then I LOVE Ogunbowlae. If they’ve been focusing on football – this will be a tough matchup since USC can stack the box. Certainly at these prices I will play him, but I think some grinders (especially east coast guys that don’t respect/watch PAC12 defenses) will see this as a great spot. It might turn out that way, all I’m saying is I don’t think this is a 100% for sure bet. Certainly in the late 2/3 game slates he’s basically a lock-n-load type play.

Javon Robinson – Auburn
$4,800 Fanduel
$5,500 Draftkings
I like him on FD at only $300 over minimum, not easy finding a RB with 15 carry upside at that price.

Peyton Barber – Auburn
$4,900 Draftings
$6,300 Fanduel
If you believe the Vegas line and the weather report, Auburn should be running quite a bit in this game, meaning Barber is viable – especially on Dk.

Doroland Dorceus – Memphis
$4,900 Draftkings
$5,400 Fanduel
Probably the only Memphis back I’d consider rostering. There’s a chance with game flow/weather Memphis attacks Auburn with the run game.

Reggie Gallaspy – NC State
$4,700 Draftkings
$4,500 Fanduel
Certainly in play for me in certain spots given the matchup, depth chart, weather. Teammate Dakwa Nichols could always get 50% of the work too. You never know with CFB.

Corey Clement – Wisconsin
$4,400 Draftkings
Only really playable on Dk – but risky at best.

Tra Carson – Texas AM
$5,800 Draftkings
$5,600 Fanduel
On sheer volume, I could see starting him, but this is a bad matchup and Louisville will probably be crowding the box to test the AM pass game.

Justin Davis – USC
$5,500 Draftings
$4,900 Draftkings
Is from my home town … which is ghetto so you know this guy is tough. That’s the kind of guy you need against a brick wall like Wisconsin. Teammate Ronald Jones should get carries too.

Brandon Holloway – MSU
$4,500 Draftkings
$4,600 Fanduel
He’s a lower-end RB play.

Wide Receiver

Jaylen Samuels – NC State
$4,500 Draftkings
$4,700 Fanduel (TE)
You should fit him in on Fanduel … and he’s worth it anyway. On DK – he’s someone you probably should just auto-roster as well at that price.

Fred Ross – Mississippi State
$5,400 Draftkings
$6,000 Fanduel
NC State’s defense is for real, but Ross at these prices/volume cannot be ignored.

Mose Frazier – Memphis
Anthony Miller – Memphis
Phil Mayhue – Memphis
Sam Craft ??  – Memphis
All would probably be in play for me since this is an above average matchup and Memphis has been known to just throw all game.

Ricardo Louis – Auburn
$5,200 Draftkings
$5,000 Fanduel
Certainly can be used as a GPP WR since he’s viable to capture most of Auburn’s passing game upside.

De’Runnya Wilson – Mississippi State
$5,900 Draftkings
$6,900 Fanduel
Probably a complete fade on Fanduel at that price. Has GPP appeal on DK since many people will focus on Ross. He’s the type of player they’ll run a trick play for at least once in this game … so he has that 20+ point upside.

Josh Reynolds – AM
Christian Kirk – AM
There’s several other guys that could make big plays on this team too – that’s why it’s hard to really want to roster just one. However, I could see creating a game stack of A&M players since there’s some mystery around the passing attack.

Alex Erickson – Wisconsin
Robert Wheelwright – Wisconsin
Both are viable, but I wouldn’t go wild since Wisconsin isn’t a huge passing team. However USC can give up yards in bunches, especially if they are crowding the line to stop the run.

JuJu Smith – USC
$6,900 Draftkings
$7,100 Fanduel
I’ve personally been fading Smith for over a month now. He’s probably closer to a 100% healthy now … but against a pass defense that has given up ONLY 6 PASSING TDs all season, I can only see using Smith in spots/late slates if at all again this week. There’s a chance he simply fits salary wise – in those cases I don’t mind playing him, just keep in mind his upside isn’t going to be super high unless the Wisconsin guys have been partying for the last few weeks.

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