Daily College Fantasy Football QB/WR/RB Picks – Week 10 (Friday)

Small Friday slate. I’m not really sure if I’m going to play it or not, but more than likely I’ll at least throw a lineup or two in the mix to have a sweat on the games. These are teams that like to run for the most part, so finding value at QB is going to be difficult. I think all the QB’s have limited upside so paying up for one isn’t ideal. I threw it all on one page since it’s only 3 games:

Rice (-6.5) @ UTEP 57 o/u
Temple (-13) @ SMU 51 o/u
BYU (-12) @ San Jose State 56.5 o/u


I could see arguments for playing any of the QBs because none have any real consistency. The BYU QB faces one of the best passing defenses in the country, Temple/SMU could go either way, but Temple can keep teams out of the end zone. I think Jackson is the most used, but someone will surprise to the upside.

Driphus Jackson – Rice
$8,700 Fanduel
This is a great matchup against UTEP who’s given up 20 TDs vs only 4 INTs along with 299 yards per game. I think you have to throw traditional point-per-dollar type projections out the door a bit with the short slate and the odds the other QBs hit value. I think Jackson could comfortably get you 15 – 20 fantasy points and he has 3 TD upside. I think he’s the ‘safe’ play due to matchup, vegas line and track record.

Mack Leftwich – UTEP
$6,900 Fanduel
I like this matchup against Rice who’s given up 24 passing TDs with only 2 INTs with 250 yards per game. If this was a really good QB, this is the type of matchup you’d go all-in on. I don’t think you can love his stats, track record, or value at this price, but with the limited slate he is an option with 3 TD upside if the stars align perfectly.

P.J. Walker – Temple
$7,900 Fanduel
If Thomas is ruled out, Walker probably has more value. I think he can get you 15 fantasy points, it’s the fact he really hasn’t gotten over that for a while. The matchup favors the Temple RB – but if Walker can snap off a few big runs, he could be a play. Worth noting, is his starting center is out for this game.


Like the QB’s, you could make an argument for just about any WR that is starting. I’m avoiding the San Jose State pass defense.

Zach Wright – Rice
$5,500 Fanduel
Pair him with Jackson. Hope he gets a TD.

Robby Anderson – Temple
$5,900 Fanduel
Does well against poor defenses, but will need to score you a TD to achieve much upside since he’s often in that 3-4 catch range.

Courtland Sutton – SMU
$7,200 Fanduel
Big tall, NFL like WR. Really has to get you at least 1 TD to provide much value, but the team looks his way almost exclusively in the red-zone.

Dennis Parks – Rice
$5,100 Fanduel
Risky, but this is a good player priced low because he’s just come back from injury. Too risky for cash, but he’s a low-owned, 2 TD upside guy for GPP’s to pair with Jackson.


If you do one thing, it’s pay up for Running Back this Friday. I think these guys will gobble up most of the points if they all play.

Tyler Ervin – San Jose State
$9,500 Fanduel
I think this matchup is better than it looks on paper. The good RB’s BYU have faced have all pretty much done well.

Algernon Brown – BYU
$8,500 BYU
I believe Adam Hine ($7,500) will be active but limited. You’ll want to double check that is the case. If Hine is out, Brown is nearly a must. Even with Hine, I like Brown because San Jose State cannot stop the run. Teams have averaged 5.2 yards per carry and 225 yards per game!! Not only that, SJ State’s pass defense isn’t all that bad so teams run, run, run.

Jahad Thomas – Temple
$9,900 Fanduel
I did my best to dig something up about his injury status. I think it might be a tad bit overblown. If he doesn’t play – you could move to one of his backups but that’s risky too. This is a great matchup and Temple wants to run the ball. We’ll see.

LaQuintus Dowell – UTEP
$4,700 Fanduel
I have no idea who this guy is, but if he can get you 11 – 13 fantasy points, that’s not bad. It appears he’s getting 15ish touches the last 2 weeks and if that can continue this is a good matchup. On the season Rice has given up 5.3 yards per carry!!

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