Daily College Fantasy Football QB/WR/RB/TE Picks – Bowl Week (Tue/Wed)

Bowl week is off and ROLLING for me personally. If you’re not taking advantage of these early starts/odd days for college football, I’m not sure what you’re thinking. Keep an eye out for overlay on CFB contests on Yahoo as well … although this is more of a Fanduel/Draftkings slate. Again this is for games that start Tuesday December 22 – Wednesday 12/23.  As a side note – I’ll be listing picks for as many of the CFB bowl game slates as I possibly can. Please follow the blog via our social channels.

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Here is the list of games:

Toledo @ Temple (-2.5) 49 o/u
Akron @ Utah State (-6.5) 47 o/u
Boise State (-8.5) @ NIU 56 o/u
Georgia Southern @ Bowling Green (-7.5) 64 o/u


Matt Johnson – Bowling Green
$8,100 Draftkings
$8,800 Fanduel
Georgia Southern hasn’t played many elite level passers this season, but I don’t consider them to be easy. I think if you can make Johnson’s salary fit on Draftkings you play him, but there might be better chances to put up points by saving money.

Brett Rypien – Boise State
$8,000 Fanduel
$6,100 Draftkings
Cooled off the last 2 weeks of the season, but that was against near elite level pass defenses. I like him to return to form in this matchup.

PJ Walker – Temple
Yahoo has a 2 game slate … which forces you to pick from games no one likes. If you really follow CFB – I think that can be a huge advantage. In that case, and for high volume players looking for exposure to other QB, PJ Walker is the guy I’m landing on simply due to matchup and price.

Right now, these are the only 2 QBs I’m considering. I’m going to check the weather in the morning on Tuesday 12/22 …. if it’s not going to be that bad, I might be adding a QB to the rotation I play.

Wide Receivers

Thomas Sperbeck – Boise State
$5,900 Draftkings
$8,500 Fanduel
100% ownership type exposure on Draftkings, might make him a fade on Fanduel if you play on both sites. Pairing with Rypien is ideal, but not required.

Roger Lewis – Bowling Green
$7,100 Fanduel
$6,100 Draftkings
Good solid option on both sites. He’s probably my #1 ranked guy on Fanduel at this price. DK I’d rather have Sperbeck for $200 less if I needed to choose one.

Gehrig Dieter – Bowling Green
$6,500 Draftkings
$7,100 Fanduel
Good option on Draftkings in the full point PPR. Good stacking option with Johnson.

Kenny Golladay – NIU
$5,700 Draftkings
$7,700 Fanduel
Good option on DK nearly everywhere since it’s likely NIU will need to throw late in this game ++ Boise State’s run defense is elite level, so I think NIU’s gameplan will be to throw. Fanduel you need to have him hit a pretty solid projection.

Hunter Sharp – Utah State
$7,300 Fanduel
$6,800 Draftkings
$31 Yahoo
No matter who starts for Utah State, most of the yardage will go Sharp’s way. I have him ranked lower because there could be snow in this game (and it’s going to be bitterly cold) so a weather check is advised.

Shane Williams-Rhodes – Boise State
$4,800 Draftkings
$4,500 Fanduel
Is always capable of having a big game. More of a minor exposure GPP type player – but certainly can be a calculated mini-punt option.

Tommylee Lewis – NIU
$3,800 Draftkings
$5,500 Fanduel
Could be used as a calculated punt play on Draftkings.

Michael Roberts – Toledo
$2,700 Fanduel (TE)
Bad weather might help TEs get a few more targets, since teams might run more 2-TE/run sets ++ shorter passes are more likely. Roberts appears to get looks every game.

Desroy Maxwell – NIU
$2,900 Fanduel (TE)
Like all TEs, don’t go out of your way to roster him, but I could see using him if the salary fits.

Ronnie Moore – Bowling Green
$5,700 Fanduel
$4,700 Draftkings
Lower end GPP play.

Robbie Anderson – Temple
$5,800 Fanduel
$5,200 Draftkings
I think I’d lean toward using him on DK in the full point PPR if you don’t care about the weather concerns.

Jerome Lane & Imani Davis – Akron
The only 2 players with over 20 catches on the team. Again, it might not be a good day weather wise to play these guys, but if you don’t care about that, the game flow should force Akron to throw – and these are the two main targets.

Cody Thompson, Alonzo Russell, Corey Jones – Toledo
Jones is min priced on Fanduel. I feel about the same about all these guys … will likely put up some points, but the odds of a 20+ point game is pretty slim.

Running Backs

Jeremy McNichols – Boise State
$8,100 Draftkings
$9,100 Fanduel
I’d only play a high-volume RB against NIU … and McNichols is probably my favorite CFB running back. His touches the last 2 weeks were down in the 25ish range … but he still produced at an elite level!!! McNichols was basically pre-loaded in my CFB lineups all season and I don’t think I’ll change much this week. Although at these prices, I’ll likely have to get off him in some lineups.

Kareem Hunt – Toledo
$8,600 Fanduel
$7,400 Draftkings
Certainly is viable as a 20++ touch RB. His stats should project out nicely, although this isn’t a super easy matchup. Teammate Terry Swanson rates to get about 15 touches as well.

Conor Hundley – Akron
$5,800 Fanduel
$4,600 Draftkings
You have to figure that Hundley will be a large part of the game plan considering the only real way to move the ball against Utah State is by running. If it become apparent that the weather will be poor – that should reduce a blowout risk – and make Hundley even more viable. I used him in a TON of lineups in the Mon/Tues slate because he allowed me to get up to WRs that I thought would be good. Not sure you need to do the same in this slate, but pairing with McNichols might be viable.

Jahad Thomas – Temple
$7,800 Fanduel
$7,200 Draftkings
Has plenty of tournament appeal, but at these prices it might be tough to land on Thomas consistently when building lineups.

Travis Greene – Bowling Greene
$6,800 Draftkings
$8,700 Fanduel
Always capable of a big play, but I’m not going to go out of my way to roster him due to the matchup – especially on FD at that price. Teammate Fred Coppet could be a lower-end punt play.

Matt Breida, LA Ramsby – Georgia Southern.
I would say Ramsby is the most consistent but Brieda has more upside potential. This is a fairly good spot where you’d have to expect Georgia Southern to run as much as they can. Issues will happen if BG goes up a few scores.

Joel Bouagnon – NIU
$6,000 Draftkings
$6,900 Fanduel
This matchup sucks, normally I’d just avoid him. However, he’s a 20 touch type player … so given the choice between him and many other players at this price point I’d go with Bouagnon – especially in cash games FLEX spot over a speculative WR.

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