Daily College Fantasy Football RB Picks – Bowl Week (Saturday 12/19)

LOTS of running backs, but quite honestly I could see you narrowing this list down to just 2 names if you’re just looking to fill out 1 or 2 cash games lineups. If you’re a tournament grinder, you’ll likely want to think a bit more outside the box – and really pay attention to price.

Arizona (-9) @ New Mexico 65 o/u
BYU @ Utah (-2.5) 54 o/u
Ohio @ App State (-7.5) 54.5 o/u
San Jose St (-2.5) @ Georgia State 56 o/u
Arkansas State (-2) @ Louisiana Tech 67.5 o/u

Because the price varied so much, this list isn’t in order because it totally depends on what site you play on. I would just target the guys you like – then judge them based on their price where you play.

Jared Baker – Arizona
$4,800 Draftkings
$5,100 Fanduel
$22 Yahoo
With Wilson out, this becomes a really good spot for Baker at these prices. You almost have to make up excuses to not play him. Almost 100% type situation. On the season, New Mexico gave up 4.5 yards per carry.

Joe Williams – Utah
$7,600 Draftkings
$6,000 Fanduel
$15 Yahoo
If he gets the 30+ touches that a Utah back gets, his production should be great for this price level. This would be a 100% type lineup situation if the matchup was really juicy – BYU was somewhat inconsistent stopping good running backs on the season, but seemed to get better as the season wore on. Not that you really need to worry too much – like I said, if you project Williams to 30+ touches, you pretty much have to play him, especially on Yahoo.

Marcus Cox – App State
$7,000 Draftkings
$8,000 Fanduel
$32 Yahoo
App state is expected to grind down Ohio with the run all game. Cox is a big part of that, but it doesn’t come cheap. I’d just be price sensitive depending on where you play. On DK – he looks playable.

Tyler Ervin – San Jose State
$7,800 Draftkings
$7,600 Fanduel
$37 Yahoo
Is going to need 20++ touches to pay this off. SJ State is trending more to the pass, but he is involved in that as well. I think he could be under-owned due to his price realitve to others … so that could give him tournament appeal just in case SJ State just grinds Georgia State into the ground – which is possible.

Kenneth Dixon – LA Tech
$8,100 Draftkings
$8,500 Fanduel
$38 Yahoo
Wow, you have to really pay up for what I believe will be at least 1 TD production since you have to figure the head coach will call his number to get him a TD record.

Jhurell Pressley – New Mexico
$4,600 Draftkings
$6,500 Fanduel
$20 Yahoo
Some tournament appeal since he gets the rushing TDs.

Jalin Moore – App State
$3,900 Draftkings
$6,500 Fanduel
$16 Yahoo
Explosive runner, could break off a big play in this game, meaning he has some tournament appeal at these prices.

A.J. Ouellette – Ohio
$6,200 Draftkings
$5,800 Fanduel
$13 Yahoo
I think if you want to play him – go to Yahoo. I’m not 100% sure he gets the work load he’s been getting since it’s expected Daz’mond Patterson and Papi White return from injury. I’m not saying I don’t like Ouellette, just a too much uncertainty about his role to be super high on him.

Teriyon Gipson – New Mexico
$4,300 Draftkings
$5,200 Fanduel
Has some appeal in cash, I think, because he does get the receptions out of the backfield. If New Mexico falls behind, he could reach value in the passing game.

Glenn Smith – Georgia State
$3,700 Draftkings
$10 Yahoo
Teams have attacked San Jose State through the run game, that’s why their pass defense stats look really good. Glenn Smith has been getting most of the carries the last 3 weeks – but you never know with these coaches. Only has deep tournament appeal either way.

Michael Gordon – Arkansas State
Johnston White – Arkansas State
White gets all the TDs, almost crazy how consistent he is. Not really sure where you fit these guys into your lineups unless you’re a big volume player – or just want to get the 1% owned type guy. Highest o/u game, might be more here – I’ll let you decide.

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