Daily College Fantasy Football RB Picks – Saturday 8/25

Week 1 of the daily college fantasy football season kicks off with a 3-game slate featuring some teams most CFB players won’t know too much about. That makes it an exciting time to pounce on the DFS competition that’s more worried about who’s getting carries on the Miami Dolphins than in the Colorado State game.

Prairie View AM @ Rice O/U ??
Hawaii @ Colorado State (-14) 56.5 O/U
Wyoming (-4) @ New Mexico State 45 O/U

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Complete List of Saturday CFB 8/25 Picks

IZZY MATTHEWS (CSU) $7,200 Draftkings (#2)
Game-flow would indicate Matthews could get carries down the stretch with CSU favored by 2 scores. The coach has iced 2 other players on the roster (RB Rashad Boddie $5,300 and RB Marvin Kinsey $3,300) both are effectively ruled out. That leaves just Matthews and RB Marcus McElroy $3,000 as the only RB’s expected to get any real significant time.

EMMANUEL ESUKPA (Rice) $6,900 Draftkings (#3)
Listed as the teams starting RB, but I’d expect RB Austin Walker $5,100 and twin brother RB Aston Walker $3,200 as well. The coach didn’t seem too impressed with the starting QB’s – so the team may rely a bit more on the run game. While there’s no official Vegas lines for the game – we have to assume Rice is favored – by likely a few scores, as they ran up the scoreboard a few years back against this same team. I think it all adds up to having well above average exposure to Esukpa – and just hope he can get in the end-zone at least once.

JASON HUNTLEY (NMS) $8,200 Draftkings (#1)
The most expensive RB on the 3-game Saturday slate for daily college fantasy football. It’s possible despite his high salary, you can fit him into most lineups, but I wouldn’t necessarily force him into a streaming 100% lineup type play. I do expect New Mexico State to want to run the ball, as Wyoming is an excellent pass defense – which still only gave up 3.6 yards per carry in 2017 – on a defense returning 8/11 players.

His talents out of the backfield will help raise his value – even in NMS falls behind in the game. Last year in a backup role, his 39 receptions were 12th in the nation for RBs. I think Huntley is appropriate for GPP since his high salary should control his ownership level + he has explosive playmaking ability. Additionally he’s good for cash games since he’s likely to get 15++ touches on the ground and in the air.

FRED “FREDDIE” HOLLY (Hawaii) $5,800 Draftkings (#6)
Not a ton of information about Holly, as he only played in two games last season. The Hawaii Rainbows list him as the #1 RB on the depth chart. The coach did seem to indicate he was happy with his work this offseason. I think you’ve got to have some exposure to Holly – especially in tournaments, simply because it’s a question mark how many touches the #2 listed RB (RB Dayton Furuta $3,000) or others will get.

The matchup isn’t bad on (2017 stats) paper. CSU gave up 182 yards per game and a fairly hefty 5.0 yards per carry to RB’s in 2017. Vegas is predicting Hawaii loses by 2 scores, so running attempts might be less as the game wears along.

MARCUS McELROY (CSU) $3,000 Draftking (MIN PRICE)
If for some reason you need a min-priced player – McElroy isn’t a terrible option. He’s listed as the #2 RB on the CSU Rams depth chart – with no one listed after him. With his team favored by 14, you have to figure starting RB Izzy Matthews will have to get some breather carries – at the very least. At this price, anything in the 10 touches range for McElroy would be an excellent value pick.

NICO EVANS (WYO) $6,000 Draftkings (#5)
Being the 5th highest priced RB on Draftkings this week kind of keeps Evans a bit lower than he might be. He started the spring listed as co-starting RB with RB Kellen Overstreet and RB Trey Woods. Now the teams’ week 1 depth chart has him listed with RB XAZAVIAN VALLADAY $3,000 as essentially co-starers with both RB Jevon Bigelow $3,500 and RB Kellen Overstreet $4,700.

Tough situation here, in an okay on (2017 stats) paper matchup. Based on his salary (5th highest RB on DK) and the fact his role is uncertain being week 1 – he’s likely to be low-owned making him a gambling GPP play. I’d likely avoid his action in cash games given the depth chart rotation. As for the other RB’s on the depth chart – they too are gambling GPP-style plays where you’re basically praying they get the TD/big play that will almost certainly find someone from this group.

DAWONYA TUCKER (PVAM) $4,100 Draftkings (#11)
Very difficult to judge what kind of workload he might get for a number of reasons. One being that his team doesn’t get a lot of press – and it’s the first game of the season. Additionally, it’s likely Rice can stomp on Prairie View if they get solid QB play … so Tucker may not see a ton of opportunities for carries if they are down several scores. Tucker was selected as a pre-season all-conference selection – so obviously some within his community of followers feels he can have a solid year, just hard to determine in week 1. I view Tucker (and almost all PVAM players) as somewhat risky (but low-owned) GPP plays.

DAYTON FURUTA (Hawaii) $3,000 Draftkings (MIN PRICE)
Another min-priced #2 on the depth chart RB. Very uncertain what kind of role Furuta has (along with other Hawaii RBs) – which is both the fun & challenge of playing week 1. I prefer McElroy listed above as a min-priced option, given that other players are getting iced at the RB position on CSU – and they are favored by 14. However, in tournament play, Furuta offers upside with likely very minimal usage.


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