Daily College Fantasy Football RB Picks – Week 1 (9/5 Saturday)

Lots & lots of RB to pick from during the first weekend of daily college fantasy football. I think the daily fantasy sites could have done a much better job at letting you choose from more games. I mean they spend all this money advertising across all networks and they can’t have more than a few college football matchups??? It’s going to mean your edge is a bit smaller than it could have been, so lets just hope the sites pick up the pace in future weeks.

Here are my running back selections. Clearly the top 4 or 5 guys are pretty well known and are going to cost you in excess of average salary. However, I’ve tried to include many guys that are cheaper, but still have upside based on playing time, matchup and past success.

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Conner vs Youngstown St. Should be butter.

Expect all 4 Georgia RBs to touch the ball in this one. Chubb is getting all the attention (and the starting spot) but Georgia isn’t scared to spread the ball around a bit once this game gets out of hand. Given that Chubb’s a Heisman hopeful, I expect his numbers to be great, but Michel could steal the show late as Georgia will be winding the clock in the second half.

The matchup should be good against EMU. Lawry is the second highest priced RB on FanDuel ($9,900) so he’s not flying under the radar, however I still think he could be worth it. The offensive coordinator summed it up pretty good a week ago saying “The most important thing we do starting with Eastern Michigan is get Ray going.”

Son of former NFL running back Fred Taylor. New Mexico State was one of the worst rushing defenses in College Football last season. Taylor isn’t super expensive.

I like the matchup and he’s a well established RB meaning he’s likely going to produce at a high level.

Going up against UTEP who gave up 5.1 yards per carry last season to RBs. With Jonathan Williams out, it should pave the way for Collins to get plenty of touches in this one.

The only thing that will hold Leonard back is injury or a massive blowout. I think if you’re playing in late-only matchups, he’s an obvious choice.

The only thing holding me back from really loving Paul Perkins is Virginia was fairly solid stopping the run last season, and UCLA has a freshman QB going … so I fully expect them to force UCLA to throw. Last season against Virginia Perkins put up decent numbers (80 yards, 1 catch 10 yrds). He’s a steady player, so I think he’s one of the safer options at RB this weekend.

JALEN HURD – Tennessee
Hurd is listed as the teams #1 RB, however the coach has indicated that he’d like to get Alvin Kamara in the game along side Hurd. The team is facing off against Bowling Green, which didn’t have a good year stopping the run last year, so we’ll assume the same this year until they prove otherwise. Given the matchup, I think Hurd is a solid #2/FLEX RB.

No doubt Jones is a quality back, but he does most of his damage against weaker teams. Arkansas is a quality defense and the team is favored to win by 30 … which may limit Jones’ upside. Personally I think there will be better weeks to start Jones, but I could see squeezing him in a few lineups because he’s the centerpiece of the offense.

Cupcake matchup could lead to explosive stats in this one. Indiana has a track record of having solid RBs with the most recent being Tevin Coleman (Atlanta Falcons). Howard is a transfer from UAB, and has all the talent to put up big numbers. I worry a little bit that Indiana gets up by a bunch and takes him out, that’s why I’ve listed Redding as well – who’s a minimum priced guy who I don’t know much about, however the head coach indicated that he’s the #2 RB, and will likely get snaps late in this one.

The matchup against Old Dominion should be favorable. Jackson is a threat out of the backfield to catch the ball so I see some upside there too. He’s a little pricey on FanDuel ($8,100) so I’m not sure how high his usage rate will be, and I’d rather have him closer to average salary. Teammate Shaq Vann is listed as the #2 RB, but is somewhat undersized, so that should bode well for Jackson to get the bulk of the work.

AKEEL LYNCH – Penn State
Is more of a value RB pick on DK, so I like him more in that situation. Last season against Temple he had 130 rushing yards and 1 TD, so his track record is good against this team.

TRAVIS GREENE – Bowling Green
This guy was pretty good last year and his salary is usually pretty low. He’s a threat out of the backfield, which could have some upside given BG is a large underdog going against Tennessee. I will likely slip Greene in a lineup or two because I think he has upside based on his track record and his fairly affordable salary.

I think if you’re looking for a cheaper FLEX RB, Brown is not a bad option. He’ll give you upside if he’s able to catch some balls out of the backfield too. The matchup against Nebraska on the road isn’t amazing, but not horrible either. I highly doubt Brown will give you 100+ yard type production, but if you’re looking for a solid back who will generate some stats at a pretty cheap price on some sites, Brown is not a terrible option.

Is considered the starter and is returning kicks too, so there’s some uspide there too. Expect at least 2 other Stanford RBs to run the ball too. The only real reason I mention McCaffrey is on DraftKings he’s below average salary ($4,800) so if you need a starting RB who has the chance at some upside (and some late-game carries to wind the clock) McCaffrey is not a horrible option.

JAY WARREN – GREG (Buddy) Howell – FAU
To start, I’m not in love with either of these two guys, but sometimes you need a cheaper RB to plug into your lineups because you spent too much on QB/WR. The matchup against Tulsa should be favorable and is the only real reason I’m listing these two. Greg Howell is listed as the starter and is a near minimum priced player on the sites I checked. Warren is more expensive. Word is both will play in this game, which will limit the upside a bit.

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