Daily College Fantasy Football – RB Picks – Week 1 (Friday)

Here are my running back rankings for Week 1 – FRIDAY GAMES – in daily college fantasy football. Honestly, after the first two selections, most of the other teams have some depth at RB and it’s tough to judge week 1 who the guy is going to be. Unless some news breaks over the next week leading up to gameday – I will likely employ a few different strategies to selecting my daily college fantasy football running backs this week. I think you could lock in Travis Greene & Leon Allen. The other strategy is to punt the RB position with some sleepers and load up on the best WR’s and QB’s considering Greene & Allen might not actually have much upside over some of the other RB’s.

Friday August 29, 2014 Schedule
Bowling Green @ Western Kentucky
Colorado State @ Colorado
USTA @ Houston
UNLV @ Arizona

These are The Games Available On DraftKings
Colorado State @ Colorado
USTA @ Houston
UNLV @ Arizona
Jacksonville State @ Michigan State
Villanova @ Syracuse


Michigan State RB – Jeremy Langford
Cupcake matchup. Your real only risk is the game gets out of hand before Langford can go off, but MSU likes to run so he should be involved early and often.

Bowling Green RB – Travis Greene #1 $8,200
The highest rated running back by a large margin on FanDuel. Western Kentucky had a solid defense in 2013 – but there are lots of new faces on that side of the ball and it’s likely they are no match for Greene who is one of the conferences best players. Greene has said he wants to rush for 2,000 yards and score a TD in every game this season. I’m not going to believe that hype …. but on a Friday night where there are many question marks and committee type situations, Greene is as close as you’ll get to a lock at running back tonight.

Western Kentucky RB – Leon Allen #2 $6,300
Faces Bowling Green, which has a solid defense that normally you want to avoid (led the conference in defense last season) … but since Friday has only a limited number of games and many of the other RB’s are splitting carries, you have to take a look at Leon. Most accounts have Allen as being “the guy” for WKU … so I think his upside is priced in being the second most expensive running back, but at least you know he’s going to likely get the bulk of the carries.

Enter Now: $50 NFL Week 1 FREEROLL

Houston RB Ryan Jackson $4,800 & Kenneth Farrow #3 $6,200 & Justin Hicks $4,500
There are some questions about the offensive line in Houston – but they should be able to handle USTA. The talent for Houston is at QB and WR, but they’ll likely be running the ball some late in the game to run the clock out. Farrow is the 3rd most expensive running back on FanDuel for Friday’s game … but I think Jackson gets enough touches to take upside from Farrow. Jackson could be a cheap #2 flyer type start in your lineup, but risky considering he’s splitting carries on a passing team. It’s worth noting that Justin Hicks was getting touches in during camp as well.

BYU RB Adam Hine & RB Algernon Brown & RB Paul Lasike
Okay …. so starter RB Jamaal Williams is missing the 1st game against UCONN. Algernon Brown is likely considered the teams backup, but he missed the first 4 practices this spring due to academic issues. Senior Paul Lasike came to BYU to play rugby and didn’t play american football in high school, he’s more of a 3rd string/special situation guy. Hine is the 4th most expensive RB on FanDuel and I just don’t see any upside at that price if Brown is ready to play. Personally, I’m going to monitor the situation and it’s possible Algernon Brown becomes a deep sleeper pick only because he’s one of the cheapest RB’s available. 8/28 UPDATE: Appears Hine is listed as the starter on the team’s depth chart and I think he’s a decent pick for your RB #2.

Colorado RB – Sophomore RB Michael Adkins II, Junior RB Christian Powell, Freshman RB Phillip Lindsay, Senior RB Tony Jones
Adkins II is the starter, but clearly the backfield is crowded. The head coach has recently been complimenting Freshman Lindsay … and the team used a mix of Adkins, Powell and Jones last season. I think you’re gambling a bit by selecting Adkins or Powell, mainly because neither are pass-catching RB’s – but the game is predicted to be high scoring so there’s some upside if they get a TD.


Arizona RB Terris Jones-Grigsby – RB Jared Baker – RB Nick Wilson – RB Jonathan Haden
Okay, another crowded backfield here …. but against a cupcake team you have to take notice. Jones-Grigsby is a walk-on 5th year senior. Baker is a junior who is returning from an an ACL tear last November. Wilson is a 4-star freshman and Haden is brother of Joe (Cleveland Browns). Leading up to gametime, there might be a clearer winner here – but likely all will get touches in a blowout win … so picking the right one will be difficult. Given the team is still deciding on QB …. I think the team will rely on running the ball so as gametime gets closer a clearer winner could be named here.

UCONN RB Max DeLorenzo $5,100 – RB Joshua Marriner $4,700 – RB ARKEEL NEWSOME
I think FanDuel has this one flipped the wrong way … Marriner should be $5,100 and DeLorenzo should be cheaper. DeLorenzo is a bruiser type back, and not a big-time fantasy guy. Marriner could be the sleeper pick of the day – but we’ll have to wait until gametime for that. There’s lots of buzz around freshman Arkeel Newsome … but it’s likely he won’t be a huge factor in week 1 unless it’s a blowout. Only thing that concerns me is that Vegas sees this as a fairly low scoring game (50 – 51.5) so you’re hoping Marriner chews up some yardage since TD’s might be at a premium. 8/28 UPDATE: Max is the starter, coach says they will get everyone the rock – so it’s anyone’s guess who gets the most fantasy points from this group.

Sleeper College Football RB

Colorado State RB – Bryce Peters, RB Dee Hart, RB Trey Jarrells
RB Jasen Oden Jr. is listed as the starter, but he played safety for Colorado State last season … and Peters is a freshman.  Hart is a transfer from Alabama and might end up with the job. Jarrells has been impressing in camp as well. It’s too early to tell, but I think Hart could be a potential sleeper starter if he secures the starting job.

UCONN RB Joshua Marriner (See Above)

Houston RB – Ryan Jackson (See Above)

BYU RB – Algernon Brown (See Above)

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