Daily College Fantasy Football – RB Picks – Week 1 (Thursday)

Today we’ve got some running backs to cover. With the limited games to choose from, there are 2 running backs that are pretty safe plays, while everyone else will be a form of gambling. It might be difficult filling out a lineup with both Davis & Ajayi so hopefully as gameday draws nearer, there will be a clearer picture at a potential sleeper starter for the night.

Thursday August 28th FANDUEL Game Schedule:
Texas A&M @ South Carolina
Wake Forest @ ULM
Boise State @ Ole Miss
Tulane @ Tulsa
Temple @ Vanderbilt
Rutgers @ Washington State

There are 3 Additional Games Available On DraftKings
Eastern Illinois at Minnesota
Idaho State at Utah
Weber State at Arizona State

Arizona St. RB – D.J. Foster draft kings #1 $7,300
Was actually the teams slot receiver last season … so you know the coaches will have this guy all over the field this season and he’s likely going to put up solid numbers against cupcake Weber State.

Minnesota – RB David Cobb draft kings #2 $6,800
Cobb is the 2nd most expensive RB on DraftKings extended schedule of Thursday games. You’ve got to love the matchup against cupcake Eastern Illinois … but the Gopher’s backfield has depth, so that has me worried a bit the coach will get everyone involved during a blowout.

South Carolina RB – Mike Davis fanduel #1 – $9,300
Is the most expensive RB on FanDuel going against a Texas A&M team that struggled to stop the run last season – and appears to be in rebuilding mode after suspending 2 potential starters & playing freshman at key positions. That all adds up to loving Mike Davis this week – but the downside is it’s possible he’s involved in more of a rotation this season at RB, mainly to keep him healthy for the NFL draft. If you think Spurrier will rotate the backs a little, Davis’ price might not offer much upside given he’s $600 more than the 2nd RB on FanDuel.
8/22 Update: Spurrier seemed to question if Davis will be ready to even play in this game. At this point, I think I’m dropping Mike Davis down a few notches and will pay close attention to reports as his backup could become a must-start type play if Davis really can’t go. 8/27 Update: Coach says Davis is ready to roll.

Boise State – RB Jay Ajayi fanduel #2 – $8,700
I’m pretty high on Ajayi but he does face a pretty solid Ole Miss team who is a 10 point favorite. I think for his price, he provides moderate upside potential – especially if he’s used in the passing game a bit more than last season. There is chatter that he could touch the ball 30 times in a game … just know Ole Miss is a very capable run defense and it might be tough for Ajayi to find holes to run through.

Vanderbilt RB Jerron Seymour – The coach has held him out of practice and it’s probably too soon to call if he’ll be ready week 1. Either way, he’s a low-end #2 starter in the Thursday matchups.  8/28 UPDATE: Seymour is OUT – Looks like RB Ralph Webb is getting the start. He’s now a gamblers sleeper since we have no real history on him, but the matchup is solid and the head coach seems to think he’s a three dimensional back.

Rutgers RB Paul James – I’m not ready to sign off on this guy yet, possibly by the time August 28th rolls around, his role will be more clear, but for now I think he’s a risky play. Stay tuned. Update: The coach said he’s capable of touching the ball 35 times …. while I don’t think that will happen, it’s a good sign for James that he’s being talked up by coaches. Also, I like the articles point that Rutgers best chance in this game is to run the ball and work some clock to keep the ball out of Conner Halliday’s hands. I think James is a solid #2 … but just be weary that Justin Goodwin (below) should get some looks in this game too.

Rutgers RB Justin Goodwin – Got the bulk of the carries in the 1st scrimmage, and had some nice games last year. He’ll likely get some playing time and with any injury to Paul James makes him a target play almost every week. Stay tuned on this guy too, once gameday rolls around it might be a clearer picture.

Temple RB Kenneth Harper was a sleeper pick at time last season …. plays a decent Vanderbilt team in week 1. His upside happens in PPR formats when (if) he can get you 3+ catches.

Tulsa RB James Flanders is a guy you’ll have to roll the dice on a little bit because he really doesn’t have any history or film to go on. But he’s listed as the teams starter and provides some value since he’s cheap.

South Carolina RB Brandon Wilds would be kind of a wild start week 1, but I could see the argument. It’s possible SC has some garbage time carries for Wilds but I think unless Mike Davis gets hurt – his touches will be limited. Leading up to gameday, I could see a scenario where you Start Wilds – but for now, only because he’s one of the cheapest running backs available who has upside.
8/22 Update: It appears Mike Davis is actually hurt, and missing practice. Wilds is a viable sleeper now even if Mike Davis plays because it’s likely Spurrier will give Davis less reps than if he was 100%.  8/27 Update: Coach says Davis is ready to roll. I think Wilds still has some value, but you have to hope the game gets out of hand and SC starts to run late.

Washington State RB Marcus Mason – I actually like this guy against Rutgers. Last season, Rutgers run defense was actually above average …. but mainly because teams were busy passing against them given Rutgers was one of the worst passing defenses. Mason led the team in catches during their 1st fall scrimmage … and he had a nice stretch of games last season where he had 4+ catches in 7 different games. If I had to submit my lineup today, he’d be the cheaper #2 I’d pair with one of the top two RB’s listed above to fill out my lineup. 8/28 UPDATE: The coach demoted him and now RB Jamal Morrow is the starter … who’s name isn’t playable on DFS yet.


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