Daily College Fantasy Football RB Picks – Week 12 (Early Saturday)

There are so many options at running back that I literally just cut myself off at some point. I think you could dig even deeper and find 5 more guys to play if you really want to. What’s cool is for in the first time in a while – you’re going to be able to run a variety of lineups out there where you spend up for each position … but also go value at that position in another lineup. There’s some live finals for CFB this week – those should be very difficult competitions considering the circumstances.

Fasten your seatbelts – tomorrow morning is going to be really fun. Manage your bankroll as always though, there’s some boom/bust potential across the board.

Indiana @ Maryland (-2.5) 64 o/u (DK)
Georgia Tech (-2.5) @ Miami 55.5 o/u (DK)
Western Kentucky (-16.5) @ Florida Intl 65.5 o/u (DK)
West Virginia (-28) @ Kansas 59.5 o/u (FD)
Duke @ Virginia (-2) 53.5 o/u (FD)
Memphis @ Temple PK 58.5 o/u
Michigan (-3.5) @ Penn State 41.5 o/u
Purdue @ Iowa (-23) 57 o/u
UNC (-5.5) @ Virginia Tech 61.5 o/u
Arizona @ Arizona St (-6) 68 1/2
Houston (-10) @ Connecticut 49 o/u
LSU @ Mississippi (-6.5) 56 o/u
Michigan State @ Ohio State (-13.5) 53 o/u
Northwestern @ Wisconsin (-10) 40 o/u
UCLA @ Utah (-1.5) 55 o/u
USC @ Oregon (-4) 71.5 o/u
Wake Forest @ Clemson (-29) 48 o/u

Joe (Joseph) Williams – Utah
$3,000 Draftkings
$4,500 Fanduel
Min-priced RBs are tough to find. I’m not 100% sure if he’ll be the starter, but all signs point to that. At these prices it’s likely worth a shot.

LeShun Daniels Jr – Iowa
Akrum Wadley (P)
Jordan Canzeri
Great matchup. Huge favorite. I still think the coaches will let Daniels go off but the others could get more carries than normal if the scores gets crazy quick.

Travon McMillian – VTech
$7,600 Draftkings
$7,800 Fanduel
Coaches have been feeding him the ball lately. North Carolina is rolling offensively – but their run D remains weak.

Leonard Fournette – LSU
$8,600 Draftkings
$9,000 Fanduel
This is a better matchup than he’s seen recently. The perception is Miss St is a good run defense, but they aren’t that good actually. 4.2 yards per carry, 174 yards per game is pretty average at best.

Ezekiel Elliott – Ohio State
$7,900 Draftkings
$9,300 Fanduel
You could have rolled with Elliott the entire year in your cash games and cleaned up. This isn’t a good matchup but it’s clear Ohio State’s run game is far superior to any run defense.

Wendall Smallwood – West Virginia
$7,600 Fanduel
Great matchup.

Jordan Howard – Indiana
$8,000 Draftkings
Good matchup but not great. Still, he has tons of upside since coaches aren’t scared to give it to him 30+ times.

Kenneth Farrow – Houston
$6,400 Draftkings
$7,400 Fanduel
Might get lost in the shuffle with all these RBs to choose from. Has a good matchup and he’s capable of hitting value fairly easily.

Anthony Wales – WKU
$7,300 Draftkings
Good tournament option since the matchup is decent and he’s capable of a 3+ TD game.

Alex Gardner – FIU
$4,700 Draftkings
His blurb on Dk makes you scared – so I think he’s a good tournament play. I don’t think anythings wrong – the problem last week was FIU lost 52-0. Of course that’s possible again this week – but WKU’s defense should yield some points.

Zac Brooks – Clemson
$3,000 Drafktings
$4,500 Fanduel
Not sure if he or CJ Fuller will get the bulk of the carries but this is a pretty good spot if the Vegas line is right.

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