Daily College Fantasy Football – RB Picks – Week 15 (Saturday)

There are tons of RB combinations you can roll with this weekend and most should have you feeling pretty good. I don’t think you need to punt the RB position at any spot this weekend because there are some reasonably priced guys that rate to get plenty of work.

Week 15 QB Picks

Boise State – JAY AJAYI
Great matchup against a weak Fresno State defense, and he’s been hot the last few weeks – and basically all season.

Faces off against Ohio State which gave up on average 145.6 yards per game and 21 TD’s through 12 games. Gordon obviously is an elite RB and if you can squeeze him into your budget he’s good to go.

Keith Ford had 2 fumbles last game and Perine broke the single game record for yards. He might be a great value in some leagues that haven’t updated the salaries much. Ford is still in play, along with Alex Ross – but Perine appears to be the man. OK State isn’t a horrible run defense, but they are a 20 point underdog in this matchup.

The best matchup of the weekend, as Iowa State is very weak. Only real issue is they aren’t very good against the pass either … and Green usually see’s less than 20 touches. Good news is he’s not super expensive – so he’s a very nice play this weekend.

Florida State – DALVIN COOK
This is a good situation here. With Starter Karlos Williams out – and Jameis Winston not at his best right now, Cook should have a role here. It might rain which is good and Georgia Tech is not super tough against the run.

Had at least 1 TD in every game this season. Marshall has given up 153.9 yard sper game but only 11 TD’s this season. We’ll see if Dixon can keep his streak alive.

Not a bad matchup, but not super easy. Should be a good game and he’s a very effective player if he gets over 20 touches.

With the more mobile QB in the game, Farrow has done better. Over the last 2 weeks of the season he had 6 TD’s. This matchup is pretty good, as Cincinnati is not super strong against the run … but it’s not a cupcake.

Connecticut – RON JOHNSON
Sometimes you need a cheap RB that has potential. Johnson got 22 carries last game, which is very rare. They face off against SMU – who is a very weak run defense. Johnson can be used as a cheap #2 RB – but I wouldn’t stack your lineups with him.

I don’t like the matchup …. but
With the limited games you can’t just go on matchup quality. Ezekiel Elliott has a brutal matchup, but with the backup QB in – Ohio State might rely heavily on the run. Steward Butler is startable if Devon Johnson is ruled out. Shock Linwood isn’t too expensive on some sites, and has been red hot – faces a decent Kansas State run defense. Alabama’s T.J. Yeldon also falls into this category of RB’s.

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