Daily College Fantasy Football RB Picks – Week 3 9/19 (Late Saturday)

It took me an extra day to select running backs for the late games on Saturday 9/19 because there really isn’t a ton of juicy matchups. Outside of the top-top RBs like Chubb, Booker and Collins, I like Hunt’s value. You’re likely going to have to step out on a limb and play a guy or two from this position that isn’t a for-sure bet. It’s still early as I write this, so I might be able to add some guys to this list as we move forward in the day.

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Top Shelf/Mid-Grade

Nick Chubb – Georgia
$9,900 DraftKings
$10,000 FanDuel
Really good matchup. He’s good. You don’t need me to tell you that.

Alex Collins – Arkansas
$8,900 DraftKings
$8,600 FanDuel
Killed it last year against Texas Tech, who are one of the worst defenses in the country.

Devontae Booker – Utach
$9,200 DraftKings
$9,800 FanDuel
One of the few RBs that appears the coaches are trying to get him 30+ touches per game.

Kareem Hunt – Toledo
$6,800 DraftKings
Iowa State really struggles against the run and Hunt is a premiere RB who’s making his debut this week after a suspension. As long as he’s unleashed fully, he has a great shot at providing upside at these prices.

Derrick Henry – Alabama
$9,200 DraftKings
$8,300 Fanduel
Matchup is decent against Ole Miss. Has 3 TDs in each of the last 2 games so at these prices you kind of need him to do that again. He’s a better value on FD this weekend.

Adam Hine – BYU
$4,800 DraftKings
$6,700 FanDuel
He started the year with only 4 carries in Nebraska, but followed that up with 19 carries against Boise State. If he can get in the 15+ carry range, he has tremendous value at these prices. The matchup against UCLA is a good one too.

Cheap/Sleeper Late Game RBs

Brian Hill – Wyoming
$5,800 DraftKings
$6,300 FanDuel
Looks like he just got the starting job, so a bit risky because those things can always be taken away mid-game with any kind of mistake, but Hill was spectacular last week with 242 yards rushing. He faces Washington State, a team that struggles to stop the run. Only other issue is Wyoming will likely be playing from behind so you hope Hill gets enough touches to put up some stats.

Marteze Waller – Fresno State
$6,400 DraftKings
$5,900 FanDuel
I don’t really like this matchup, but you can’t ignore a guy getting 25+ touches through 2 games this season. His salary isn’t super expensive, so it mitigates that risk he gets shut down a bit. I like him a bit more on FD where he’s below average salary.

Xavier Jones – Prescott Line – SMU
Super risky here, but hear me out. Both will likely fall in that 10 carry range, which isn’t super exciting, but both are near minimum price. TCU lost some key memebers of its defense and have given up 4.3 yards per carry and 145 yards per game. It would be wise for SMU to establish the run in this game. Likely not a pick you’ll see anywhere else, so expect usage rates to be minimal, but your hope to get value will be 10+ carries and a TD.

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