Daily College Fantasy Football WR Picks – Saturday 8/25

These WR picks are why college football is so fun. You have basically only have 1 guy that is probably going to see significant targets (Ursua) but he’s super expensive, so he’ll be tough to roster in a ton of lineups that you feel good about. One thing to keep in mind – I would cash/place in DFS CFB contest where I got a GOOSE EGG (0 points) from my WR position. It’s not the worst thing in the world to whiff – as long as the player doesn’t cost you a ton of money. Obviously that’s not ideal, but remember that this isn’t the NFL – whiffing on a position doesn’t mean your day is completely over.

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Prairie View AM @ Rice O/U ??
Hawaii @ Colorado State (-14) 56.5 O/U
Wyoming (-4) @ New Mexico State 45 O/U

Complete List Of August 25 DFS College Football Picks

JOHN URSUA (HAW) $10,300 Draftkings (#1)
Literally the second highest player on the board! Wow, that’s pricey for a WR. Don’t think there’s much to be said about his ability – or his chances to put up big fantasy points on Saturday. The only issue is filling out the rest of your roster after selecting Ursua. I certainly am going to try to put him into as many lineups as possible, just not sure how many that will be considering you’ll really have to dig deep & gamble a bit on some sleepers.

AUSTIN CONWAY (WYO) $7,000 Draftkings (#3)
Fairly pricey, so the risk is a bit higher than some on the board if he lays a dud. However, he has 10+ catch ability, so he’s got to be in at least a portion of your lineups on Saturday.

JORDAN MYERS (RICE) $5,700 Draftkings (#9)
More of a TE than a WR – but props to DraftKings for not having a spot exclusively for TE’s – sure makes it easier to fill out lineups. I like Myers a lot because his price is reasonable (9th highest on the WR board) and the Rice head coach likes to work his TE’s. Additionally – Myers has gotten carries out of the backfield … and has been lining up at multiple positions in the spring. Overall I like Myers a lot – in a matchup where Rice could score more than 4 times pretty easily. Keep in mind though – he’s got to get carries out of the backfield to really make this play pay-off … so it’s risky, but that’s why we play CFB DFS and not the over-analyzed (predictable) NFL.

OLABISI JOHNSON (CSU) $8,700 Draftkings (#2)
Not what I would call a value pick – so you’re going to need several catches and likely a TD to really make this worth it. But on a short slate with no 50+ pass attempt teams on the schedule, this is still a very solid play. I think you sprinkle him into lineups, especially where you’re playing the CSU QB and hope they hook up for a TD … but keep in mind he only had 2 TDs all last season.

CEDRIC BYRD (HAW) $5,100 Draftkings (#13)
Listed as a starting Slot-WR behind John Ursua (top). The slot position should get some work in the Run & Shoot offense the Rainbows like to play. I also believe Ursua will get a lot of the attention, possibly leaving some work for Byrd. Being the 13th most expensive WR on DK means he has tons of value – and I think will have to fit into lineups despite not having a history at the D-1 college level.

WARREN JACKSON (CSU) $6,400 Draftkings (#5)
Risky play here – as he’s basically one of 3 WRs on CSU that will get targets. However, the head coach recently stated Jackson could end up being one of the programs best WRs of ALL TIME. At 6′ 6″ – he should tower over just about any CFB DB. I think he’s more of a GPP play given we don’t have a track record of games to look at – but at $6,400 you’d only need 1 TD to really make it worth it.

AARON CEPHUS (RICE) $6,800 Draftkings (#4)
Probably more of a GPP style WR for my tastes, but with this matchup, I wouldn’t blame you for trying to squeeze him into a cash lineup. He’s tall – which should make him a target against a low-end CFB team like Prairie View A&M. Never had a game with more than 5 catches last season – so I think his upside isn’t super high.

JAMES PRICE (WYO) $5,800 Draftkings (#8)
Wouldn’t be in love with him in a bunch of lineups, but I like that he’s got the “PROBABLE” mark next to his name on DK – which should keep people off him. I’d say he’s a gamblers GPP play and you hope for a TD.

PRESTON WILLIAMS (CSU) $5,600 Draftkings (#10)
Bumpy road it’s been for Williams. He transferred from Tennessee – was suspended for some off-field boo boos – and missed the 1st scrimmage with a groin injury. But at $5,600 – he’s one of the more reasonably priced WR’s on the slate with a chance to do something. While I’m not jumping up & down to play him, at this salary you almost are forced to if you want to roster high-end QBs & RBs.

JOJO WARD (HAW) $3,000 Draftkings (MIN PRICE)
A JuCo transfer will be making his debut – likely in the WR position for the Rainbows. At this price, you only need a small amount of production to make it worth it. I’ll likely run with Ward in lineups simply because his price will allow for more certain picks at RB/QB.

Jason-Matthew Sharsh (HAW) $3,000 Draftkings (MIN PRICE)
If you need a min-priced WR – this isn’t a terrible option. Listed as a starter – after entering camp as a non-scholarship athlete. As the article states, HAW doesn’t normally get the ball out to the edges of the field, so his opportunities are going to be limited, but at MIN PRICE, he only needs a couple of catches to really make it worth it.

(HAW) $3,100
I lump all these guys into one group. While I wouldn’t build a lineup around any of these players – sometimes you fall to a particular salary and just need a guy that fits. If that’s the case, I don’t mind landing on any of these players. Just keep your expectations low and hopes high.

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