Daily College Fantasy Football – WR Picks – Week 1 (Saturday)

Today we have our Week 1 WR RANKINGS For SATURDAY’S Games. Again … I combine all the games into one page because the daily sites broke out early/late games differently. You’ll also notice some matchups are on one site but not the other. This list isn’t really in order … given that you have to roll with 3 or 4 WR’s – I’ll be mixing & matching with all these guys. For the most part, I’m targeting the cupcake matchups and stay away from solid defenses. I’ll be adding to this list as we get closer to gameday so please return before making your final selections.

Marshall at Miami (OH) – TOMMY SHULER – Devonte Allen – Angelo Jean-Louis
So Shuler is a stud … 100 catch season type guy and it’s likely Marshall will want to employ the complete annihilation approach to going (potentially) undefeated this season – so Shuler should get plenty of time. Allen is someone the coaches say needs to be more like Shuler. Angelo Jean-Louis is a true freshman and a complete gamble.


Portland State at Oregon State – RICHARD MULLANEY – VICTOR BOLDIN
Mullaney has the most catches (52) after departed Brandin Cooks leaves room for upside. Boldin has been mainly a return guy and replaces Cooks – he’s also slightly more expensive. Play it safe and start Mullaney – gamble and start Boldin.

Indiana State at Indiana – SHANE WYNN – Nick Stoner – Isaiah Roundtree
I think Wynn is a good pick, he’s the only Indiana WR to return from last season. Against Indiana State last season he had 2 TD catches plus he’s not too expensive. The other two guys are complete gambles but 60% of the catches from last season are gone – so someone other than Wynn will fill the void.


Southern Miss vs Mississippi State – JAMEON LEWIS – De’Runnya Wilson
Lewis is a stud, and his only real downside is if QB Dak Prescott goes off with his feet instead of throwing. Aside from having an ultra sweet first name in De’Runnya … Prescott calls him a “target quarterbacks dream about.

Delaware at Pittsburgh – TYLER BOYD
Had a great year for a freshman last year and Pittsburgh should throw enough in this game to give him some upside.

Georgia Southern at NC State – Bryan Underwood – Bra’Lon Campbell
I’d only start Underwood, who has been hampered with injuries in the past – but he’s talented. I only mention Campbell because the head coach said he was the most improved WR on the team. I like the matchup and NC State’s QB this week.

Cal at Northwestern – CHRIS HARPER – BRYCE TREGGS – Trevor Davis
Harper and Treggs can both be started with some comfort in knowing Cal loves to throw. The WR position is somewhat questionable after that … but if you want a super deep sleeper Trevor Davis could be your guy.

336x280pwgp2James Madison at Maryland – STEFON DIGGS – Deon Long
Probably a little undervalued because he got hurt last season. Your only risk is they take him out early. Long was criticized by his head coach and was hampered by an abdominal injury this offseason … but appears to be doing well in camp and is a sleeper with upside.

I don’t know where Elon is … or why they have a football team. But Crowder had 1,000 yards last season and should have a good day even if he only goes 2 quarters.

Troy at UAB – JAMARCUS NELSON – Jamari Staples
Nelson had 10 catches for 199 yards and 2 TDs vs Troy last season. Staples had 6 catches for 103 + 1 TD last season vs Troy … but he’s a risky play.

Florida State at Oklahoma State – RASHAD GREENE
Really came on strong late last season and FSU should be tested a little bit in this game so he’ll likely be targeted late.

Appalachian State at Michigan – DEVIN FUNCHESS
Solid receiver that should be able to get some looks against a weak team.

Western Michigan at Purdue – COREY DAVIS
Returns after leading the team in receiving last season. Purdue is a favorite so WMU should be throwing late.

Fresno State at USC – JOSH HARPER 
With all the troubles USC has faced, it means they will have to start some younger players to fill in on defense. They still are likely top-notch players but Josh Harper is an elite NCAA WR and is probably a good option in the late games.

Tony’s has the experience but Kyle Prater is a former 5-star recruit. All are viable sleeper type picks in what should be a high scoring game.

SFA at Kansas State – TYLER LOCKETT
Was a stud last season, and likely will again this season.

SDU at Oregon – KEANON LOWE – Dwayne Stanford – Chance Allen – Darren Carrington
All should be in line for a boost now that top 2 WR’s from last season are gone. Just hope they get it done in 2 quarters because that’s about how long the starters should play. Lowe is considered “the guy”.

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