Daily College Fantasy Football WR Picks – Week 10 (Late Saturday)

I think you’ll be able to pay up for QB/RB on Draftkings since there are several value priced (near elite level) WR’s that should make you fall in love with your lineup. On Draftkings, expect a lot of Carrington, Burbridge, Addison in cash games. In tournaments – you’re on your own. Honestly, if you’re trying to get low-owned guys, pay up for WR and go sleeper at RB/QB since just about everyone else will be doing the opposite. Sometimes that works, but in these shorts slates if the chalk guys play good – it’s pretty much over. This is the kind of slate I like to play cash games and let others play the risky guys and I play the obvious plays. We’ll see how it works out.

Iowa St @ Oklahoma (-24.5) 61 o/u
Michigan St (-4.5) @ Nebraska 57 o/u
Navy @ Memphis (-8) 65.5 o/u
Auburn @ Texas A&M (-7) 60 o/u
USF @ ECU (-4) 54 o/u
Utah @ Washington (-2) 43.5 o/u
Kansas @ Texas (-28) 53 o/u
LSU @ Alabama (-7) 45 o/u
Minnesota @ Ohio State (-23) 53.5 o/u
Arizona @ USC (-19.5) 67 o/u
Cal @ Oregon (-3.5) 76 o/u

Darren Carrington – Oregon
$5,200 Draftkings (yum yum)
$7,400 Fanduel
Way under priced on Draftkings. He’s still got good value on Fanduel as well, but it’s not a 100% of lineups type thing.

Aaron Burbridge – MSU
$7,300 Fanduel
$6,700 Draftkings
Should be in a ton of cash game lineups since he has a great shot at getting 20ish fantasy points, which is near elite level at these prices.

Bralon Addison – Oregon
$5,100 Draftkings
$6,400 Fanduel
If he stays average, he’s a good cash game option on DK. Since he has upside potential in this matchup I think you can use him in FD cash games where you use Adams.

Sterling Shepard – Oklahoma
$6,800 Draftkings
$7,400 Fanduel
The only real downer is his price. He’ll need to deliver a pretty big game to make the price tag worth it over all the other value/miss-priced WRs.

Ricardo Louis – Auburn
$5,300 Draftkings
$5,800 Fanduel
More viable on FD cash games I think because DK already has better value priced WRs with more upside. However, the matchup is decent and Auburn is likely going to be in throw mode late in the game. Ricardo has upside with just 1 TD. You could also probably make a similar case for A&M WR’s Josh Reynolds, Ricky Seals Jones in tournaments since the new QB can provide all these players upside they haven’t had all season.

Kenny Lawler, Stephen Anderson, Treggs, Trevor Davis Cal
None of the Cal WR’s are consistent enough to really consider in cash, but in tournaments would make a valuable play since ownership will be lower than most WRs in this spot against Oregon. I think you capture the upside of this matchup by starting Goff, but if you feel like gambling, one of these guys is likely to break out.

Tre’ Parmalee – Kansas
$3,700 Draftkings
$4,900 Fanduel
Going off the board here a bit to provide some sleeper picks. Min priced guy that I think could reach value because Kansas should be trying to throw more than normal and Texas isn’t super tough at defense … although they have their moments.

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