Daily College Fantasy Football WR Picks – Week 3 (Thursday/Friday)

Honestly, it’s a tough group of games this Thursday 9/17 and Friday 9/18 for daily college fantasy football. Clemson, Florida State and Boston College are all above average defenses. It’s also likely that many grinders stack Arizona State players, meaning the contests will have lots of overlap players & ultimately the games are decided by a player or two.

The fact that DraftKings has included the Idaho @ Boise State game makes selecting a lineup far easier & will spread out usage rates too. Personally I don’t care where you play DFS … the only thing I recommend is withdraw any money you will not be using in the next week since its so easy to deposit/cashout – you should always only have enough in your account to cover the games you will be playing for the next week or so. The exception to this rule might be on your first deposit, you’ll want to make the maximum for the deposit bonus purposes.

Anyway, onto the game selections. Like I said, DK is offering the Idaho/Boise State matchup, which opens the door up to many more lineup possibilities – so I will likely play a very light schedule of games on DK, but I won’t do my normal slate of games because there’s simply not enough to get me too excited about this game selection.

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Clemson (-6) @ Louisville 54 o/u
Florida State (-10) @ Boston College 51 o/u
New Mexico @ Arizona State -28 65.5 o/u
Idaho @ Boise State (-29)

D.J. Foster – Arizona State
$8,500 – DraftKings
$7,600 – FanDuel
Super valuable because he’s getting carries out of the backfield but he’s listed at WR. Expect high usage rates, especially on FanDuel.Shane Williams-Rhodes – Boise State
$7,000 DraftKings
He stunk it up week 1 with only 2 catches but I stuck with my guy and recommended him again in week 2 and he delivered with 11 catches for 107 yards. He got a rushing attempt last game, and I’d imagine that trend should continue. The matchup is good and he’s the most productive WR on the team.

Artavis Scott – Clemson
$7,400 DraftKings
$6,800 FanDuel
His statline is nearly identical 2 games in a row with 6 catches 75ish yards and 1 TD. Honestly not many college WRs catch a TD 3 games in a row, but then again every day is a new day. The matchup isn’t terrible, so I’ll likely squeeze him into at least a lineup or two if I can as a hedge against Arizona State lineup stacking.

Dameon Gamblin – New Mexico
$4,800 DraftKings
$4,500 FanDuel
His last name is fitting, because you’d be Gamblin if you start Gamblin … but honestly he’s not a terrible play considering you’ll need to roll with several sleepers since you’re best bets at QB are well over average salary. New Mexico is likely going to have to throw to keep up with ASU and Gamblin has 11 catches during the first 2 games. He also gets touches out of the backfield in New Mexico’s run-first offense.

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Charone Peake – Clemson
$4,400 DraftKings
$5,800 FanDuel
He’s now the #2 WR replacing the injuried Mike Williams in that role. Last week he had 2 TDs. The price is right for Peake on both DFS, so I’d expect decent usage rates, but he has a chance to provide some upside with just an average statline.

Gary Chambers, Devin Lucien, Kody Kohl (TE) – Arizona State
All are fairly cheap WRs with the potential for upside. Kohl will likely have high usage rates on FD as a TE – I think you can use him on DK as well since he’s only $3,800. Remember, stack the rest of your team with #1’s if you roll with this group.

Travis Rudolph – Florida State
$5,100 DraftKings
$6,700 FanDuel
Hate the matchup, but sometimes you need to go against the grain – especially in GPP’s and nights with a limited slate of games to chose from. Your hope here is Boston College stacks the box to force FSU to throw. Teammate Jesus Wilson is also playable with a TD catch in each of the first two games. I consider each one equally risky – Rudolph appears to be a bit more steady, whereas Wilson is cheaper.

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