Daily College Fantasy Football WR Picks – Week 4 9/24 (Late Saturday)

Here are the late slate WR selections going off the games listed below. Honestly I think you’ll find some value here – and plenty of spots to take a gamble or two. Since there’s more volatility in the WR position, plan your lineups accordingly.

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Here are the games to chose from.

Arkansas State @ Toledo (-7.5) 58.5 o/u
Texas A&M (-7) @ Arkansas 58 o/u
Vanderbilt @ Mississippi (-25.5) 54 o/u
Missouri @ Kentucky (-3) 45 o/u
Mississippi St @ Auburn (-2.5) 59 o/u
Ball State @ Northwestern (-19.5) 49 o/u
Hawaii @ Wisconsin (-24.5) 50.5 o/u
UCLA (-2.5) @ Arizona 65 o/u
Utah @ Oregon (-11) 64.5 o/u
Fresno State @ San Jose State (-4.5) 55.5 o/u
USC (-5.5) @ Arizona St 61 o/u

JuJu Smith – USC
$7,500 Draftkings
$8,200 Fanduel
High price, but has high upside being USC’s #1 target.

Laquon Treadwell – Ole Miss
$5,800 Draftkings
$7,200 Fanduel
Still fairly reasonably priced on DK considering the talent here. Looks like he’s getting better each game. If Ole Miss coaches have the crew focused, they could come out and have a good day.

Christian Kirk – Texas A&M
$6,000 Draftkings
$6,500 Fanduel
Reasonably priced on both sites again this week. Fairly consistent player, but with upside makes him a nice candidate across many lineups.

Jordan Payton – UCLA
$5,700 Draftkings
$7,000 Fanduel
Safer type play that has limited upside with a reasonable price tag. Just cross your fingers and hope he gets a TD.

J.D. McKissic – Arkansas State
$4,600 DraftKings
$6,200 Fanduel
I’ve been looking for a good way to get some exposure to this game and I think McKissic is the best bet. Faces off against Toledo which gave up 412 passing yards week 1 to Arkansas, so there should be some room to throw.

Hunter Henry – Arkansas
$4,800 Draftkings
$3,500 Fanduel (TE)
Reasonably good play in lots of spots because of his price, the matchup, and the fact Arkansas has a few injured WR’s.

Drew Morgan – Arkansas
$4,400 Draftkings
$5,200 Fanduel
Unlike the NBA, NFL or sometimes MLB, I don’t normally start a guy just because the starter gets hurt in daily college football. Morgan is talented enough to make an exception, plus this matchup is good.

There’s even more guys than this, and all are risky ‘flip-a-coin’ type plays. Don’t expect too much if you start one, but 100+ yards and a TD could be the upside. The matchup against Utah is a good one, and Adams Jr rates to return.
Braylon Addison ($5,700 DK $6,000 FD)
Byron Marshall ($5,500 DK $5,800 FD)
Dwayne Stanford ($4,700 DK $5,600 FD)
Charles Nelson ($4,600 DK $6,600 FD)

Similar situation to Oregon, but maybe slightly less risk, but also less upside potential. Cayleb Jones is fully priced so I’m not sure you’re getting a ton of value there, but he’s a good player. Grant is still a mystery and his salary is low enough to take a shot on him in a few lineups. Richards and Jackson are sleepers.
Samajie Grant ($5,300 DK $6,000 FD)
David Richards ($4,700 DK $5,400 FD)
Cayleb Jones ($5,700 DK $6,900 FD)
Johnny Jackson ($3,000 DK)

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