Daily College Fantasy Football WR Picks – Week 5 10/3 (Late Saturday)

Okay, so just like the QB position this week – the WR position will revolve around if you have Leonard Fournette in your lineups or not. Given that there’s no clear #1 QB and no clear #1 WR – I think the strategy with the late slate of college football games is to stack a WR with a QB and hope they connect on a TD. I’ve listed some of the safer QB/WR combo threats I can think of in this slate of games. It’s possible you might need to dig deeper than this. I wouldn’t worry too much about punting 1 position this week if you have Fournette & he goes off.

Michigan (-14.5) @ Maryland 43 o/u
Arkansas @ Tennessee (-6.5) 54.5 o/u
Colorado State @ Utah State (-4) 49 o/u
Eastern Michigan @ LSU (-45.5) 60.5 o/u
Mississippi (-7) @ Florida 51.5 o/u
Vanderbilt @ Middle Tennessee St (-1.5) 49 o/u
Arizona State @ UCLA (-13.5) 60 o/u
Mississippi State @ Texas A&M (-6) 63 o/u
Notre Dame @ Clemson (-1.5) 53 o/u
Oregon (-7.5) @ Colorado 69.5 o/u
Hawaii @ Boise State (-24.5) 53.5 o/u
Arizona @ Stanford (-14) 61 o/u
Fresno State @ San Diego State (-8.5) 54.5 o/u

Jordan Payton – UCLA
$5,600 Draftkings
$7,300 Fanduel
Had 7 catches for 136 yards + 1 TD and his salary went down on DK. I liked him last week, I like him again this week – pairing him with Rosen in some lineups.

Nelson Spruce – Colorado
$6,400 Draftkings
$7,900 Fanduel
Been kind of quiet this season, but steady. I think his value is much better on Draftkings. Pairing him with his QB could be a viable strategy in some lineups.

Thomas Sperbeck – Boise State
$6,300 Boise State
His salary has trened down the last 3 weeks but his play has improved. At these prices you can sprinkle him in some lineups, and like all the WR’s this week – you might consider pairing with the QB.

Ed’Marques Batties – Middle Tenn
$6,200 Draftkings
Looks like MTS has only played 1 game on the slate against Alabama, so Batties is flying under the radar a bit. He’s been tearing it up and while Vanderbilt is above average, Batties could still get some chances. I hate that this is the lowest O/U game on the board – but pairing Batties with the QB could be a viable play. Richie James is also viable, just not as explosive in the TD department as Batties has been.

De’Runnya Wilson – Miss St
$4,600 Draftkings
$6,300 Fanduel
Shot in the dark here, and I’d pair him with Prescott & Fournette. In that case you’d need a cheap WR – and Wilson has upside.

Shane Williams-Rhodes – Boise State
$5,500 Draftkings
His performance has been trending down, so he’ll be less used. Makes him a risky play and I’d pair him in your lineups with his QB.

Jamire Jordan – Fresno State
$4,200 Draftkings
Another cheaper WR you can run with Fournette and other studs because he has some upside.

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