Daily College Fantasy Football WR Picks – Week 6 10/10 (7pm Saturday)

Okay – so I think the strategy with the WR for these late(r) games will be to “punt” the WR position a bit because QB/RB appear to be the strength of many of these teams attacks. There’s lots of 10 – 13 point receivers you can pick from – including many that I don’t list here. These are more my “cash game” WRs that often put up enough production to meet or exceed their salary level. I think you can mix & match based on the QB you have in. However, the point is – don’t worry too much if you don’t love your trio of WR’s – the key to the late games appears to be at QB/RB.

Arkansas @ Alabama (-16.5) 48 o/u
Boise State (-15.5) @ Colorado State 59.5 o/u
Oklahoma State @ West Virginia (-6.5) 60 o/u
East Carolina @ BYU (-9.5) 59 o/u
TCU (-10) @ Kansas State 63 o/u
Florida (-4) @ Missouri 37.5 o/u
Miami @ Florida State (-7.5) 51 o/u
Michigan State (-13.5) @ Rutgers 52 o/u
San Jose State (-3) @ UNLV 50 o/u
Cal @ Utah (-7.5) 61.5 o/u
Colorado @ Arizona State (-16) 58 o/u
Wyoming @ Air Force (-21.5) 56 o/u
Utah State (-11.5) @ Fresno State 47 o/u

Josh Doctson – TCU
$7,600 Draftkings
$8,700 Fanduel
Since stacking Boykin/Doctson will nearly be impossible – I think if you fade Boykin, you can use Doctson as your hedge because he absorbs a lot of Boykins upside most of the time.

Rashard Higgins – CSU
$7,400 Draftkings
Good enough you can look past it not being an ideal matchup. CSU does rate to be throwing most of the game.

Kenny Lawler – Cal
$6,200 Draftkings
$6,800 Fanduel
His salary has ticked up enough you have to worry about the dud factor against a solid Utah team. However, he’s clearly Cal’s #1 target.

Nelson Spruce – Colorado
$6,200 Draftkings
$7,900 Fanduel
Better option on DK cash games since he hasn’t been explosive enough to spend $7,900 for him on Fanduel.

Thomas Sperbeck – Boise State
$5,700 Draftkings
Don’t love this matchup, but there’s not a ton of WR’s to pick from in this group and Sperbeck isn’t super expensive.

Aaron Burbridge – Michigan State
$5,500 Draftkings
$6,100 Fanduel
MSU always starts out hot throwing the ball – then the weather gets cold and they turn into a running team. Burbridge was an across the board type play earlier – now I think you have to be selective with him. This is a really good matchup and Burbridge is a great price – but be careful since the dud factor is high with this teams passing game from this point forward.

D.J. Foster – ASU
$5,500 Draftkings
I think at these prices you can still squeeze some value out of Foster who’s production has come way down this season. He has some upside because he is capable of getting a TD.

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