Daily College Fantasy Football WR/TE Picks – Week 12 (Tues-Wed)

The WR position is really interesting in just a 4 game slate. There’s some higher end guys that could deliver pretty easily and there’s some really affordable priced guys that could deliver without even scoring a TD. I think the strategy will be to really just try and stack lineups based on who your QB is in cash games. In tournaments – I think people will save money at QB and spend up at WR/RB. The opposite might actually be more effective by paying up for one of the top QBs and going cheap at WR. We’ll see – but you should love your lineups this week for the most part …. just expect it to take some time for you to ultimately decide on who to roster.

Toledo @ Bowling Green (-6.5) 69 o/u
Ball St @ Ohio (-8.5) 53 o/u
WMU @ NIU (-3) 61 o/u
CMU (-10.5) @ Kent State 40.5 o/u

Kenny Golladay – NIU
$6,600 Draftkings
$7,500 Fanduel
High upside type guy. If he keeps doing what he’s been doing – he’s a bargain at these prices.

Roger Lewis – Bowling Green
$7,600 Draftkings
$8,900 Fanduel
Could be more expensive on DK and still be a pretty good value. Nice way to capture some of Johnson’s upside by starting Lewis.

Corey Davis – WMU
$7,200 Draftkings
$8,000 Fanduel
He’s been great nearly all season. This isn’t a super easy matchup – but he should get plenty of targets again this week.

Daniel Braverman – WMU
$6,700 Draftkings
$7,500 Fanduel
Hasn’t produced much value at all the past 3 weeks against mostly sub-par teams. It’s possible he’s banged up, getting double teamed, or both since he was spectacular earlier this season. I think that makes him more of a tournament play becuase he has 40+ fantasy point upside but could also have another 12 point fantasy output.

Gehrigh Dieter – Bowling Green
$5,600 Draftkings
$6,500 Fanduel
Not a lock to hit value, but he doesn’t have to do too much for him to deliver for you.

Corey Jones – Alonzo Russell – Cody Thompson – Toledo
You can kind of lump these guys all together as viable, but risky because Toledo spreads the ball around quite a bit and it’s impossible to predict who’s going to benefit the most.

Jordan Williams – Ball State
$5,300 Draftkings
$6,000 Fanduel
Can’t say I’m familiar with this guy, but he’s a road underdog – so I’d expect him to get some looks in this game. He’s not a high upside guy – but if you need a guy in this price range for a cash game, I could see using Willias since he can deliver modest value at these prices.

Sebastian Smith – Ohio
$4,900 Draftkings
$5,700 Fanduel
Not sure you’ll need to cut salary much if you roster Vick – but pairing him with Smith will likely be a good idea since he’s the #1 target.

Jesse Kroll – Central Michigan
$5,100 Draftkings
$5,500 Fanduel
Another cheapy WR that I could see using in tournaments since he has 20+ point upside, which at these prices would be elite.

Ronnie Moore – Bowling Green
$5,300 Draftkings
Strictly a tournament player at this point of the season on DK. Fandeul I think you avoid at those prices. Has 30+ upside but can lay duds like last week. Teammate Ryan Burbrink can be in this same category as well – but likely lower upside.

TE – Ben McCord $2,800 Looks like he gets involved each week which is really all you want from the TE spot.

TE – Michael Roberts $3,200 TD dependent TE that I think if you have the salary left over to roster him I would, otherwise drop down to a lower tier.

TE – Keith Heitzman $3,100 Appears to also be involved on a weekly basis and could be a nice pairing with Vick.

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