Daily College Fantasy Football WR/TE Picks – Week 11 (Late Saturday)

Interesting group of WRs in this group. Not really sure there are any home-run type matchups for the top-tier guys, so I think it could be a week where you target the mid-range if you don’t have a QB/WR stack already in mind. On Draftkings you should have tremendous lineup diversity because of the extra games. On Fanduel, you’re picks at WR should be more similar, so I would probably reach outside the box in my tournament picks – but in cash games I think you stick with the chalk type plays if you can.

Memphis @ Houston (-7) 71 o/u
Arkansas @ LSU (-7.5) 53.5 o/u
Oregon @ Stanford (-9.5) 69 o/u
Minnesota @ Iowa (-10) 45.5 o/u
Oklahoma @ Baylor (-2.5) 77.5 o/u
Utah (-6) @ Arizona 62 o/u
Oregon State @ Cal (-21.5) 60.5 o/u
Washington State @ UCLA (-10) 65.5 o/u
Draftkings Only
Tulsa @ Cincinnati (-18) 76.5 o/u
BYU (-5.5) @ Missouri 38.5 o/u
UNLV @ Colorado State (-7.5) 59 o/u
Temple (-3) @ South Florida 44 o/u
New Mexico @ Boise State (-30.5) 57 o/u
Wyoming @ San Diego State (-24.5) 49 o/u
Fresno State @ Hawaii (-5) 55 o/u

Corey Coleman – Baylor
$9,200 Fanduel
$8,600 Draftkings
Like Boykin and others do at other positions, Coleman throws off the valuation metric for WRs because he’s been spectacular in virtually every game this season. Has 2 or more TDs in 6 straight games!! Pair him in any lineup you have the Baylor QB and call it a day.

Thomas Sperbeck – Boise State
$6,200 Draftkings
Got off to a slow start, but has EXPLODED with Rypien in at QB. He can reach value with 0 TDs in this type of matchup.

Darren Carringon – Oregon
$5,800 Draftkings
$6,900 Fanduel
Big play guys do well against Stanford, go look at the box scores. Carrington is a big play guy who’s been delivering in 3 games so far. I think his price is still low enough on DK that you put him in lots of lineups.

Bralon Addison – Oregon
$5,300 Draftkings
$6,400 Fanduel
Not a home-run matchup but like I said about Carrington, big-play guys can get behind the Stanford defense.

DeMarcus Ayers – Houston
$5,500 Draftkings
$6,400 Fanduel
Memphis run defense is better than it’s pass defense, so the book would say Houston should be throwing more this game. We’ll see. However any lineup with Ward should likely contain Ayers since he stands to benefit the most if Houston takes to the air.

Shaq Washington $6,100 DK
Chris Moore $5,400 DK
You can kind of flip a coin because Cincinnati really spreads it around but this is an ideal matchup that should make these guys productive tonight.

Sterling Shepard – Oklahoma
$6,300 Draftkings
$7,000 Fanduel
Lots of upside already priced in, but could be targeted more than usual against Baylor.

Thomas Duarte – UCLA
$5,600 Draftkings
$6,800 Fanduel
If you can get confirmation he’s playing I think he can produce at these values. On Fanduel, you can take the ultimate gamble because lineups lock – he’ll be low owned in tournaments. He’s been out with the flu all week – unless he has the super flu, he should be good to roll, but that’s just me guessing.

Anthony Miller – Memphis
$5,700 Draftkings
$6,800 Fanduel
Like his teammate Frazier, he needs to get you a TD, but he’s been very consistent in that regard lately and he’s been getting rushing attempts in the redzone!

Mose Frazier – Memphis
$5,900 Draftkings
$6,200 Fanduel
He needs to get a TD at these prices but he has a track record of doing well against weak pass defenses, and I’d consider Houston fairly weak.

Dominique Reed – Arkansas
$3,300 Draftkings
I know they face LSU – but I think they’ll be in passing downs quite a bit in this game, and Reed at this price wouldn’t need to do much to reach value.

TE – Stephen Anderson
$3,700 Fanduel
I’d expect massive usage at these prices.

TE – Mark Andrews
$3,700 Fanduel
Many people will gravitate towards Anderson, but this is a good matchup too.

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