Daily College Fantasy Football WR/TE Picks – Week 6 (Thursday/Friday)

CHOO CHOO – All aboard the value train edition of the WR picks for this weeks College football games on Thur/Fri. I’ve slipped in some guys that are listed at TE on Fanduel, but are listed as WR on Draftkings. Since we are likely going to be paying up for QB/RB – we need to cut cost at WR, and I’ve tried to include as many cheap guys as possible. Keep in mind, guys in this price range are volatile, so you’ll want to mix your exposure a bit – not playing a single guy too much just in case he bombs.

This is a really interesting Thur/Fri slate of college football games for a number of reasons. The QB spot has 3 obvious picks – then not much else to pick from. The WR spot has 1 elite play – then the rest are kind of toss-ups if they will have a good game or not. In these spots, I tend to go value/cheap at WR and hope that Smith and Ayers don’t go off. With that in mind, I’ve tried to include some cheaper guys you can roll with and just hope they get you 10 – 12 fantasy points + the rest of your lineups delivers at RB/QB.

SMU @ Houston (-25.5) 73.5 o/u
Washington @ USC (-17) 56 o/u
Southern Miss @ Marshall (-5.5) 59 o/u
North Carolina State @ Virginia Tech (PK) 52 o/u

Courtland Sutton – SMU
$4,800 Draftkings
$5,500 Fanduel
I was off Sutton the last time he was playable against TCU and he had 115 yards and 1 TD. Tall, NFL type WR with speed. He’s an excellent play across the board, but especially pairing him with QB Matt Davis will be the most obvious play. Now just hope he makes a few big plays.

$7,300 Draftkings
$8,300 Fanduel
If you can fill out a lineup you feel good about with Kessler and Smith-Schuster – I say go for it. I think you can assume he’s good to go after returning to practice.

DeMarcus Ayers – Houston
$6,600 Draftkings
$7,300 Fanduel
Wasn’t as explosive as I’d hope last week against Tulsa – but still got 6 catches for 77 yards. The coach always seems to mix him in one 1-4 run plays every game as well which increases his value. I’d love to pair him with Ward Jr – but that’s going to be tough to do this week. I could see if you’re fading (not playing) Ward Jr – playing Ayers would allow you to capture some upside – however Ward Jr gets most of his value through the run game. Either way, Ayers is a good pick, just kind of an awkward price.

Jaylen Samuels – NC State
$5,000 Draftkings (Listed At WR)
$4,200 Fanduel (Listed At TE)
I’m high on Samuels again this week despite the less than ideal matchup.

Ryan Yurachek – Marshall
$4,400 Draftkings (Listed at WR)
$3,000 Fanduel (Listed At TE)
I like Yurachek in a few spots this week. First, as ‘cheaper’ TE play on Fandul since there’s 2 TE’s ranked ahead of him. Second, on Draftkings – in 2 QB leagues you’re likely going to have to start Chase Litton in some lineups … so stacking Yurachek and Litton is not a bad option hoping they hook up for a TD again this week.

Chance Allen – Houston
$4,200 Draftkings
$5,100 Fanduel
Allen is useful in lineups where you’re playing Greg Ward and want to pair him with one of his cheaper targets. Allen is fairly steady, and any TD will provide nice upside at these prices.

Steven Dunbar – Houston
$5,200 Draftkings
$6,100 Fanduel
Lost a fumble last week. Risky only because at this price if he fails to get you some decent stats, the rest of your lineup will need to pick up the slack. Pairing with Ward would be a nice option, but might prove difficult given the salary.

Davonte Allen – Marshall
$4,200 Draftkings
$7,000 Fanduel
I’d ignore him on Fanduel since he’d have to go off for you to really miss much value. However, on DK he’s below average salary and I could see pairing him with Litton in the 2 QB format.

Steven Mitchell Jr. – USC
$4,600 Draftkings
$5,500 Fanduel
If you can’t get the Kessler/JuJu stack to work, Mitchell Jr is not a terrible replacement option. He’s capable of getting you about 12 – 16 fantasy points – so probably more suitable for cash games given his limited upside potential.

Jeremiah Gaines – SMU
$3,800 Draftkings (Listed at WR)
$3,000 Fanduel (Listed at TE)
If you play Davis at QB on Fanduel, you might as well play Gaines at TE. He’s not very consistent, but Houston does give up lots of yards in the passing game so I could see him getting involved this week.

Casey Martin – Southern Miss
$4,900 Draftkings
$5,000 Fanduel
Casey Martin the golfer is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, but this is Casey Martin the football player. I’ll mix him in when I put his QB Nick Mullens in some lineups.

DeAndre Reaves – Marshall
$3,900 Draftkings
$5,800 Fanduel
Not a guy I’d normally target or mention, but I know some of you will be struggling to fill out a lineup with the price you have to pay for the QB spot. I like Reaves value on DK a bit more because you can stack with the Marshall QB in some spots.

Isaiah Ford – Virginia Tech
$4,700 Draftkings
$5,900 Fanduel
NC State is pretty good at stopping the pass so Ford is what most people would call a contrarian play. I doubt many people will be on him this week so his usage rates should be really low. He has 20 fantasy point upside – but also could put up a dud.

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