Daily Fantasy Grind Website Update – July 2014

Hello – just wanted to update some followers & sponsors as we’ve gotten some questions about our website.

  • We will return next month with NFL & College Football picks
  • We will have sleeper NBA picks again in October.
  • We stopped doing MLB picks because of lack of interest/traffic.

Thanks for all the support from fans, advertisers, sponsors & players in the daily fantasy community. It’s been nice having a few months off, but we are excited to get back to work for the upcoming season.

Thanks for those who have supported us in the past, and we look forward to the start of football season. Our team has already been researching NCAA College Football lineups – and with the new playoff format, this year should be exciting.

Additionally, all the movement and exciting rookies in the NBA should create a level playing field and make for an exciting 14/15 NBA season.


So it’s bye for now, but we’ll be back next month. Thanks again for all the support.



Daily Fantasy Grind Staff


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