Daily Fantasy NCAA College Football Picks Fri-Sat Games

Here are some picks for Friday – Saturday College Bowl Games. We’ll be back later on with daily college fantasy football picks for next weeks big bowl game matchups.


Taysom Hill vs Washington (Friday)
One of the higher O/U for this group of games (62). Washington is without their regular head coach, but these are kids so they’re over it. Hill is dangerous on the ground & your upside is 100+ rushing yards.

Budget QB

Tommy Reese vs Rutgers (Saturday)
So the Rutgers pass defense is one of the worst in the NCAA, but I have seen them shut down QBs that suck. Tommy does throw it to the other team quite often. But he’s had a few weeks off and has a chance for a nice game.


Bishop Sankey vs BYU (Friday)
There’s no cupcake running matchup in this group of games, and Sankey is clearly the best RB of the group. He will be the most expensive though.

Budget RB

Dominique Brown vs Miami (Saturday)
There’s some decent run-D’s in this group of games, and Miami’s D fell off as the year went on.


T.J. Jones vs Rutgers (Saturday)
Pure matchup play here. Rutgers has solid run-D but their passing D is one of the worst in division 1 college football.

Davaris Daniels vs Rutgers (Saturday)
See T.J. Jones above, but Daniels is cheaper.

Tommy Shuler vs Maryland (Friday)
Maryland is no pass-over defense, but Shuler is the main target for the QB.

Tyler Locket vs Michigan (Saturday)
This is a play hoping that Michigan will put Kansas St. in some good field position because they will be without their starting QB.

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