Daily Fantasy NFL Football Week 7 – RB Picks

Last week the team was in Vegas. Back to the fantasy grind this week – here are our week 7 NFL picks.

Adrian Peterson – at New York Giants

Teams haven’t averaged a ton of yardage per CARRY … but if you add it all up, teams have run for 740 yards through 6 games against the Giants, which is near the bottom 1/3rd of the league. Gotta love the matchp, and the fact that its AP.

Matt Forte – at Washington

Pick-em game in Vegas, and should be ‘high scoring’ so I love this. PLUS did I mention that the Redskins have given up 120+ yards on average to teams through 5 weeks. I could see the Bears getting up 2 scores early and handing off to Forte too, so green light all the way here.

Jamaal Charles – vs Houston

The Texans are making a BIG mistake starting a young QB against Kansas City (in KC) … this game is going to get UGLY. That’s good for Charles. Plus Texans are a pretty poor run D, and a team that seems to be loosing it’s wheels. The only risk is that KC shuts it down early, but this is the NFL and I’d expect the Texans to at least show up.

LeSean McCoy – vs Dallas

Should be a high scoring game. Only problem is you’ll need to cut budget elsewhere since McCoy is pricey … and if he’s the most expensive option on your DFS, I’d rather have the guys mentioned above.

Knowshon Moreno – at Colts

The attention is on Luck & Manning this week – however, Moreno has a chance to get BUSY in this one. The Colts run-D isn’t that great, and if anything is true about the NFL … when you think it’s going to go one way (Peyton Manning blowing up his old team) … he might actually hand the ball off to Moreno a bit more than people think.

Reggie Bush – vs Cincinnati

Hate the matchup, mainly because the Bengals run D is pretty strong. A dynamic back like Bush might fair better. I like him more either way considering running mate Joique Bell has some injury concerns this week.

Giovani Bernard – at Detroit

I personally root for the Bengals, so there’s always some bias in ranking those players for better or worse. However, I follow the team closely. The team is beginning to run the ball more, and it’s turning into the Giovani Bernard show. BJGE is still going to get carries & probably the start, but Gio is getting lots of action. The Lions are one of the worst Run defenses & this is a green light for this Bengal.


He’s been doing well, and it’s not the worst matchup for him, plus the Texans have a young QB in, so he should get the ball. He didn’t practice on Thrusday and make sure you check his staus. In other news, you can buy stock in Arian Foster in a $10/share IPO. Search the internet if you want to get in on that.

Eddie Lacy – vs Cleveland

Cleveland’s run D isn’t all that bad, but they have given up 8 rushing TD’s through 6 weeks, and that includes 1 week where the Bengals failed to score a TD against them. Looks like the Packers will have to rely on the run a bit more this week with some of their top WR’s out, so Lacy isn’t a bad option this week. The only downside is that he’s a rookie, and has already been out this season.

Frank Gore – at Tennessee

I’ve seen some blurbs on Frank Gore’s news/notes that credits the Titans as being a strong test on defense. This isn’t actually correct. While they are no push over, they have given up 110+ yards and 4.4 yards per carry on average through 6 weeks. That’s about mid-tier at best in the NFL.

Ryan Mathews – at Jacksonville

The Jags are the worst running D in the league. They can actually cover the pass a little bit, which was evident last week at times against Denver. The Chargers have 2 running backs, but Woodhead is basically a H-Back type player, who hasn’t gotten tons of carries. Last week Mathews had 22 carries. If he is cheap on your site, I think he actually has a good game this week and I like him better than Woodhead in a game San Diego should run.

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