Daily Fantasy NFL Football Week 8 – QB Picks

Here are my week 8 NFL daily fantasy QB picks … basically in order. I think you could flip/flop Brees & Manning. I’m also taking a risk that RGIII will continue to light up Denver’s defense like most QB’s have this season. On the lower-priced end, I think Matt Ryan, Eli Manning and Colin Kaepernick give you some nice options this week.

Peyton Manning – vs Washington
Washington is one of the few teams that have given up on average 30+ points per game. Their passing defense isn’t all that great. I think Manning is going to start falling off (see those fluttering passes last Sunday Night??) but for now, and in this matchup – he’s going to get you solid numbers.

Drew Brees – vs Buffalo
The Bills have given up 15 passing TDs through 7 weeks, which is tied for the leagues most (with the Jaguars). So clearly this is a great matchup at home for Brees. Some daily fantasy sites might even have Brees priced the same at Manning this week.

Aaron Rodgers – at Minnesota
The Vikings have a short week to prepare, and Green Bay considers this a rivalry game of sorts so I fully expect them to put the smack down on Minnesota if they can. Only 3 teams in the NFL have allowed an average of 300+ passing yards per game against them, and the Vikings are one of those teams. Even with some of his main weapons downs (Cobb) … I like his matchup this week, in a dome too.

Robert Griffin III – at Denver
A better (and cheaper) play than Peyton Manning at QB each week is the guy that goes against him. Denver’s pass defense sucks. Period. RGIII started looking like RGIII last week, and there are murmurs that he’s feeling better & he’s certainly playing better.

Matthew Stafford – vs Dallas
The Cowboys D is a little Hot/Cold, sometimes shutting teams down (Eagles, Rams) and other times giving up 30+ points (Denver, NYG, San Diego). I think Stafford should fair well this week, as he had a quality week against the Bengals despite loosing.

Tony Romo – at Detroit
Last week the Bengals’ Andy Dalton lit up the Lions for 375+ yards and 3 TDs (could have been about 5 depending on who you ask) … I think we’ll see Romo have success again this week, in what should be a fairly high scoring matchup.

Matt Ryan – at Arizona
Is kind of a ‘value’ pick on some sites, and his matchup isn’t all that bad this week again. Last week I left Ryan off my list because he was without some key weapons, but he played great. He has at least 2 TDs in every game this season – so if you want a cheaper QB that is a steady performer … Ryan is your man.

Tom Brady – vs Miami
Tom Tom GPS hasn’t been working the last few weeks. If he’s going to turn it around it could be this week against Miami, who isn’t the worlds best passing defense. One big red-flag is that they have only given up 8 TDs on the year … which is pretty low. However given Brady’s recent performance, his price has come down – on this site he’s about $4,000 less than the top QBs.

Eli Manning – at Philadelphia
The Eagles are nearly the worst passing defense team in the league, but did hold Tony Romo down a bit last week, so starting Manning would have me really nervous. However, on some daily fantasy sites – you start 2 QBs … so sometimes you can’t have two that are really expensive. In that case, Eli Manning is not a bad option considering this could get ugly if Matt Barkley gets the start for the Eagles. On this site Manning is a whopping $4,000 less than his brother.

Colin Kaepernick – vs Jacksonville (GAMES IN LONDON)
Don’t like that the game is in London, but Jacksonville is obviously a pretty bad football team. Just like Eli Manning, sometimes you’re in 2 QB leagues, so having a cheaper option like this helps save you a few bucks … and Kaepernick fits that bill. He’s $3,100 cheaper than Peyton this week on this site.


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