Daily Fantasy Soccer : English Premier League, An Introduction


Is excited to be bringing you advice on the English Premiership from a fantasy perspective.



When Leicester City lifted the Premier League title in May 2016, The Foxes were only the 6th team to do so since the re-branding in 1992.


Manchester United – 13 Times

Blackburn Rovers – 1994/95

Arsenal – 3 Times

Chelsea – 4 Times

Manchester City – 2 Times

Leicester City – 2015/16


Leicester were 1,000/1 with the bookmakers to win it outright, Whilst they played amazingly well and showed team spirit it also highlighted the frailties of the “big four” with all their expectations & ego’s.


Chelsea & Arsenal are from the capital city London, Then Manchester is the debated 2nd biggest city in England, and as the name suggests Leicester is a city, that means that only 3 cities have had a Premier League winner & there’s only one town to have won the title.


But onto Fantasy Soccer, and I will make no apologies if I refer to the game as football.



Okay first of all there is more to English football than the Premier League, with 72 other teams playing in the other 3 tiers of professional football. The Premier League is the top tier and promotions & relegations happen every year. Transfers will happen until the last day of August and not be allowed until January.

Sometimes players may go out on loan or be transferred to another country.



Draft Kings use Opta for its statistics, and so it is a site you should at least visit. –


Here’s Draft Kings Info – http://www.draftkings.co.uk/help/fot


The scoring for Soccer in the EPL is as follows,


All Players

Goal = +10 PTs
Assist = +6 PTs
Shot = +1 PTs
Shot on Goal = +1 PTs
Crosses = +0.75 PTs (via open play & set pieces)
Fouls Drawn = +1 PTs
Fouls Conceded = -0.5 PTs
Tackle Won = +1 PTs
Yellow Card = -1.5 PTs
Red Card = -3 PTs
Penalty Kick Miss = -5 PTs


Goal Keepers

Win = +5 PTs
Penalty Kick Save = +3 PTs
Clean Sheet = +5 PTs
Saves = +2 PTs
Goal Conceded = -2 PTs


Only “Outfielders”

Pass Intercepted = +0.5 PTs
Clean Sheet (Defender Only) = +3 PTs



The Team is set like this

UT (None GK)


Onto Strategy and I factor in a couple of things,
You’ll notice there’s a lack of batting averages, pitchers ERA & Strikeouts per 9 innings.

Player Roles,

Team Dominance,

Team Style


Player Roles,

What I want to know is who takes the Penalty Kicks, Free Kicks, and Corner Kicks.
Free Kicks & Corner Kicks provide great opportunity for a player to get a cross, and an assist, while a Free kick 25 yards from goal is a good chance for a shot.

Obviously if the penalty taker scores a goal he not only gets 10 points for a goal, but it’s also a shot & a shot on goal.

Also with free kicks & corner kicks, where more than likely a ball is played through the air into “the box” It is common place for the best aerial defender to go up, and so it can provide opportunities for a player many wouldn’t expect to have.

Scott Dann of Crystal Palace has been a great example of a central defender scoring lots of headed goals from set pieces.


Team Dominance,

If the best team who are top of the league are playing a team at the bottom, then usually it means the likely hood for a clean sheet to the league leaders is high, whilst the chance of scoring goals is also high.

Also if a team isn’t being pushed back or put under pressure, then left & right backs can get forward more, which could translate into more crosses, assists & goals.


Team Style

England tried playing the Tottenham Hotspur way in Euro 2016 with a holding midfielder allowing the full backs to get forward and act as wingers.

That like mentioned before allows these players more opportunities to score points. Also if a team likes to play through the middle then it means more than likely they’ll have less crosses in a game, this is a factor to bear in mind when selecting fullbacks & wingers.

If this is sounding too complicated, don’t worry I’ll not mention the “false number 9”, and the “number 10” roles.

Some of the best players in the game will not score well in any category however they allow their team to play better, they plug holes & create space on both sides of the ball much like an offensive line would do for a running back.

Also remember that if a team usually plays on the counter-attack but are up against a very defensive minded opponent, then the chances of using that strength are ultimately gone.

So if you’re reading this and do not have a clue but still enjoy the game of football, my advice is to play a 25 cent team & keep watching. Overtime you’ll become savvy in the art of understanding the nuances of the beautiful game, and you may find yourself chanting at the T.V. “The Referee’s a wanker”


My Strategy

English bookmakers are very prohibitive with the odds for single games, and they use the odds system shown like 2/1,

2/1 means if you placed $5 you would win $10 and get your stake $5 back, The only real way to bet on football (without playing fantasy) is to do accumulators.

A lot of times teams like Manchester United & Bayern Munich will be odds on, this means that the return is less than your stake, (you would receive your stake back of course).

What it means is if a team is 1/5 referred to as 5 to 1 on,

For every $1 staked you would only get $0.20 as profit. So you would have to risk a lot to get a return.

However the accumulator way,

Means you can pick 6 teams with all of them odds on, however what you will find the odds jump as the chance for an upset is raised.

Understand the game,

There may be no “tying in baseball”, but a draw is a result in soccer.


What I do to select a team is look at the odds,

What odds are the high street bookmakers offering?

Chelsea may be 3/1 on at home against Burnley, but do I really want to bet $10 to win just 33% of my stake.

I’ll play fantasy where I can select the key players who should score well for Chelsea.


If I can enter a 25 cent contest with a top prize of $100, while still gaining from a good Chelsea performance I will. Rather than making 33% on a match bet, I could multiply my stake by 400.


So even if you don’t lay a bet on the match go to the bookmakers’ website the night / morning before the games and pick which games you think will have a clean sheet or a glut of goals, much like stacking a team playing in Colorado against a pitcher with an elevated ERA.


Of Course here’s a strategy to play, if a team is going to be dominant, a goal keeper may hardly touch the ball and make no saves,

A save is worth 2 points, whilst a goal conceded is worth -2 points. So do you want?

Total = 10 Points

Match Win +5 Points
Clean Sheet +5 Points


Or would you be happy with a goal keeper making 9 saves and conceding two goals whilst his team lost?

9 Saves = 18 Points
2 Goals Conceded = – 4 points

Total Points = 14 Points


Game Selection

Most games are played at the weekend, some competitions will be one day & others can be spread over 2 or three days. Team sheets are only announced 45 minutes before kick-off time. So always be available to change your team.


So there’s a little bit of strategy, using US sports terminology about the beautiful game of Football.


Hopefully I’ll be able to talk through any issues & offer advice that comes to fruition.

The season starts on Saturday the 13th August, which will be the Premier Leagues all-time leading goal scorer Alan Shearer’s birthday.



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