What a difference a year makes in the daily fantasy sports website wars. Last season – 4 semi-major players existed with Draft Kings, Draft Street, Fan Duel and Draft Day (among others). Now Draft Kings & Draft Street have combined into one site. DraftDay – who’s original owner was behind CardRunners poker video training website – sold 100% of the website to MGT for less than $1 Million dollars. For lack of a better reference, Draft Kings & Fan Duel are essentially the mid-2000’s version of PokerStars & FullTilt Poker in daily sports. Now that the daily fantasy sports business is consolidating, they’ve emerged as the 2 largest sites to play on.

That being said – I would not to keep large amounts of money on ANY of these websites. The fact they are being bought/sold means they aren’t massive cash generating businesses. Former online poker players should realize that if every player asked for their player balance to be sent to them …. most of these websites would have to scramble to come up with that money.

I’m not writing this to scare you from playing – just be smart. Only play with money you can afford to loose. Given how easy it is to cashout on these sites – always withdraw money you don’t need for your bankroll. Follow those tips, and you’ll have more fun playing & watching the action unfold.

Draft Kings

4-Half Star RatingSummary: I have been playing on Draft Kings since last football season, and I enjoy the games and the software. The biggest thing I like about the site is that they have fairly large field contests that you can enter for a dollar or two – and the payout can be over $100 dollars if you win. The salary cap is typically about 50% less than other sites, so it can throw you off, but I have also found that you can sometimes find some good deals on players that are undervalued.

In 2014 they purchased Draft Street and combined two of the largest daily fantasy websites. Draft Kings has raised significant amounts of financing through investors, and have invested that back into things like a slick mobile app. At the current moment, it’s only 1 of 2 daily fantasy sites I would trust large amounts of money on … but to be smart – I would withdraw any money you don’t need for your bankroll. 


4-Half Star RatingSummary: A major player in the daily fantasy sports business. They have run TV and radio ads for a while now. The stat display (particularly on Baseball) is pretty cool. The site works well on most devices & browsers, and they offer everything from daily fantasy football to fantasy golf matches you can wager on. The cashouts are quick and easy – you can also deposit with PayPal or any credit card as well. FanDuel has some major NFL tournaments each week that are worth testing your fantasy skills on each week.

Along with Draft Kings – this is the only site I’d trust large amounts of money on – but as a rule of thumb, I would withdraw any money I don’t need for my bankroll.

Stat Clash

4 Star RatingSummary: I just started using this daily fantasy sports website because it’s still really new. They have a good freeroll tournament for the NFL going so I decided to signup. I have been playing the MLB games. Personally I still think the software is a little slow, but it’s a mile ahead of where sites used to be. They have a big 100% signup bonus (use the Promo Code: dailyfantasygrind) and there are plenty of players to fill games – but you will find some overlays which is nice too.

For people looking for a 3rd site to get action on – they do offer 5% rake on some games and have soccer games. The communication from this site has been solid when I’ve reached out to them, and I’ve gotten withdraws with no issues.


4 Star RatingI started playing on this site during the 2014 NFL season. They offered some generous freeroll tournaments, so I decided to give it a shot. It’s one of the cleaner daily fantasy sites to launch in the last few years, and they have a management team in place that seem to want to improve the site and the game quality.

They accept deposits & withdraws via bitcoin, which is a unique feature to the site. I think this site is a decent place to have some action and might grow into a larger site as the seasons roll along.

Draft Street

Purchased By Draft Kings In 2014

4-Half Star RatingSummary: This site has a really nice interface and the software works well on my iPad and desktop computer. I like the variety of games that they offer and I think this is one of the better sites if you like to play for larger sums of money. The salary values and scoring systems are pretty easy to get used to. Use the Promo Code: DailyFantasyGrind for bonuses.

Fan Throwdown

MGT Owns 60% Of FTD

I would not put money on the site you weren’t willing to loose FTP/UB/AP style. A public company, MGT owns 60% of this site. MGT is a penny stock, and large shareholders have voiced displeasure over managements ability to lead this company while paying themselves rather large salaries. The owners of the company aren’t very transparent and don’t communicate with shareholders very well. That’s a sign of a bad company, and one that is looking more like an elaborate “pump & dump” scheme.

Deposits on Fan Throwdown would go to Jonathan Licata who was a registered sex offender.


Purchased By MGT In 2014

Summary: DraftDay was the very first daily fantasy sports site I ever signed up for because I was familiar with the founders work in the poker world as the creator of CardRunners, a poker training site. I’ve honestly had better luck winning money on other sites, but the software on DraftDay is fairly slick and performs well across a multiple array of devices. Use the Promo Code DailyFantasyGrind when you sign up for bonuses. Read Full Review Here.

The review above was written when Draft Day had different ownership. In 2014 they sold to MGT (see Fan Throwdown above) for less than $1 million. I don’t trust the management team in place at MGT – which is a public company – but is a penny stock that appears to be a get-rich scheme by the management. I would not deposit funds on this site unless you are willing to risk the money go poof like Lock Poker, UB/AP, FTP style.

You think I’m hating on MGT??? Look what the company’s #1 shareholder says about the company’s current management! WOULD YOU TRUST MGT IF SHAREHOLDERS DON’T?????