Daily MLB Fantasy Baseball Plays – Pitchers 4/5

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Jose Fernandez (MIA) vs San Diego
Marlins Park 7:10 PM
Kind of a shot in the dark here, but the few Padres batters Jose has faced in the past, he’s done quite well against – including at least 1 K against all of them.

Andrew Cashner (SD) vs Miami
Marlins Park 7:10 PM
Really you can flip a coin with Cashner & Fernandez, because Cashner also has decent numbers against the Marlins – including 9 batters who don’t have a career AVG over .250 against him. The downside is his strike out numbers are low.

Johnny Cueto (CIN) at Mets
Citi Field 1:10 PM
While Cueto’s numbers vs Mets hitters isn’t completely out of this world, the Mets are not that great of a team, and he should rack up some K’s in this one.

Clay Buchholz (BOS) vs Milwaukee
Clay has some success against the few Brewers batters he’s faced, none have an AVG over .250 – and his strike-out numbers are solid. He also benefits from being at home.

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