Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Sleeper Picks – December 15

So we’ve got a more limited schedule tonight – and I didn’t see too many sleepers so it’s mostly mid-priced stuff. You can expect that a very large percentage of grinders will have Kevin Love in their lineups tonight – along with Kevin Durant. Hard to go stars/scrubs on a light night like this – so here are some mid-priced guys that could help you out.

G – Eric Bledsoe vs Golden State
He’s at least $1,000 cheaper than he should be on most sites I play on.

G – Jeremy Lin at Sacramento
So if his price is expensive where you play, ignore him. But on the sites I play on he’s pretty cheap. He’s probably not starting but Kings games tend to be high scoring.

G/F – Rudy Gay vs Houston
Okay, so my first 3 guys aren’t really sleepers, but they have suffered price drops recently. With Lin & Bledsoe it was expected – but Rudy missed a few games because of another guys visa problems. He’s a few thousand cheaper than he was a week ago & only played 1 game. Not a sleeper pick here, but these are the types of strategies you can employ — especially when the trade deadline rolls around.

G – Reggie Jackson vs Orlando
REGGIE REGGIE REGGIE – this guy is the new Isaiah Thomas (of Sacramento) or Eric Bledsoe (when he was in LA). With Thomas now starting and Bledsoe killing it in Phoenix – Jackson is one of the best backup PGs in the league. He’s basically mid-to-low priced on most sites I play on, and he doesn’t play heavy mins. But he’s highly productive.

F – Al Farouq-Aminu at Denver
Looks like Tyreke Evans is out, and Aminu could step in and get more time, he’s been doing pretty good recently too.

F – Tobias Harris at OKC
So … I’m not going to play Harris tonight, but you want to keep an eye on him. Played 15 mins off the bench and was very effective player during that time. Unlike some players, Harris’ numbers project upward the more mins he gets + he should get more mins once he proves he’s healthy & in shape. There will be a week or so where he’ll be a value play (I’ll post him again when I think that time has occurred) but I want you all to be aware of this opportunity that should open up sometime this year.


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