Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Sleeper Picks – December 5

Only a few games, so only a few names today. I think there’s some more opportunities than this – but they tend to be mid-priced guys like Mario Chalmers (looks like D-Wade might be out). Good luck, I’m probably not going to play tonight – only because there are 3 games, but I’ll be ready to go tomorrow.

PG – Tyshawn Taylor vs New York
Had him on the list the last time he played – and he got you only about 20 fantasy points, but that’s not too bad considering he should be really cheap still after getting a start. Looks like Deron Williams is out again.

G/F – Alan Anderson vs New York
Also on our list a few days ago, and he did pretty good starting for the injured Paul Pierce.

C – Kosta Koufos vs LA Clippers
Okay, so this is probably the last time I’ll put Kosta on the list, only because his salary has been rising quickly based on his production. Eventually he might be a little bit overpriced but for now he’s still a pretty solid option that won’t break your bank.

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