Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Sleeper Picks – December 8

With a lack of games, and actually a lack of ‘sleepers’ on the teams that are playing I’m not going to play in anything except the FanThrowdown 50/50 NBA FREEROLLS Running – Be QUICK … they fill up fast! Tomorrow I’ll play for real money again.

So instead of doing what we normally do, I’ll just give you some thoughts on tonight’s games.

I’m writing this up early, so news might break later on that makes these pick for certain – or duds. However, D-Wade has sat out some Back-to-Back situations for the Heat and he played last night after missing a few games with an illness. I’m going to assume he has a shot at missing tonight’s game so you could start guys like Rashard Lewis, Chris Anderson … or just spend the money on LeBron James tonight.

Miami doesn’t really have a big-man that can guard Greg Monroe or Andre Drummond. Both teams played last night.

Reggie Jackson has been productive even when Russell Westbrook plays, but he only has about 30 fantasy point upside.

Terrence Jones of Houston has played well, the Chandler Parsons said he was ‘not 100%’ and they are trying to trade Omar Asik.

Kobe Bryant returns to the court for the Lakers. It will be interesting to see how the other players do when he’s back, Pau Gasol might be a safer play if you want a Laker in the lineup since he’s played with Kobe the most.


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