Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Sleeper Picks – February 1

Nice mix of games on the schedule tonight. Not much else to do other than watch pre-game for tomorrow’s Super Bowl – so getting involved in some daily fantasy action might be nice. Here are our sleeper picks for the night.

G – Jeremy Lin or Patrick Beverly vs Cleveland
I’d be really excited if James Harden was out again, but looks like he might play tonight – so my no-D Kyrie play might not work out as well as it could have tonight.

G – Nate Wolters at Memphis
Was a late-add to the lineup last night and played huge. You might want to double check that he’s starting because the coach does like to mix it up a bit.

G/F Courtney Lee vs Milwaukee
Expect every grinder and his brother to have him in tonight, but keep an eye on him in the weeks ahead, starter Mike Conley is out for a while.

F – Josh Smith vs Philly
Really just a matchup play here, not a sleeper. The 76ers played last night, and I don’t think they have very many players that will be able to matchup with j-smoove.

C – DeAndre Jordan vs Utah
The Jazz’ fronline is a little banged up, if you feel like saving a bit of money, but getting plenty of upside – Jordan is pretty good value for the Clippers.

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