Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Sleeper Picks – February 21

Kind of a strange day because most of the sites I play on don’t have some of the traded players on lineups. There are some good spots, but it should get a little better once all the lineups are settled. Glen Davis was recently released, so you could take a peak at that team as well.

G – J.R. Smith at Orlando
With Shumpert out – it’s J.R’s world in the starting lineup now. He’s really hit or miss even when starting.

G – Kyle Lowry vs Cleveland
My no-D Kyrie play hasn’t been as hot, but I don’t think Kyrie has changed his ways. Cleveland does now have Spencer Hawes in the middle, which should help Kyrie out a bit, so we’ll monitor that.

F – Arnett Moultrie vs Dallas
This is a shot in the dark. I didn’t see Byron Mullins listed on some sites I play on. The 76ers don’t have anyone left on the team that can score except for MCW and Thad Young. If Moultrie is too risky, James Anderson has played well when given opportunities and he’s cheap too.

Someone on Dallas vs 76ers
I just listed above that the 76ers only have 2 guys that can score – they have even less that can play defense. Your real only risk is the game is such a blowout that Dallas takes everyone out in the 4th.


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