Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Sleeper Picks – February 9

Noticed there were some early games – and one includes the Lakers … so if you want some ‘sleepers’ you better get up early. Problem is everyone is aware there are basically only 7 players healthy for LA, so it’s not like we’re breaking news here. I will update this later if I see anything else of note in the later games. Good luck.

LA Lakers vs Chicago
You know the drill here. Everybody on LA is hurt. Some salaries have risen, but Wesley Johnson, Steve Blake, Jordan Hill, Ryan Kelly, Robert Sacre, Steve Nash and Chris Kaman are all viable options. Wesley & Blake are solid right now. Everyone else is streaky. Nash, Kaman usually don’t play more than 30 mins.

G – Nick Calathes at Cleveland
I’m kind of tired of this guy, but we’ve got no-D Kyrie (John Wall was 60fp against him) so he might be worth another look despite being on a back-to-back. If Tony Allen comes back, I’d probably avoid Nick and roll with Tony.

G – Eric Gordon at Brooklyn
I just see he’s priced only a bit more than Tyreke Evans on some sites, and Gordon is healthier and plays more mins.

Late Adds:
Carlos Boozer is out – Taj Gibson to start.
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