Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Sleeper Picks – January 11

The NFL is almost over … thankfully, I get tired of watching guys run around in tights tackling eachother. Given that they can’t even sell-out playoff games without sponsors buying tickets … the NFL’s going to have some issues in the years ahead. Not to mention, the only kids that are going to be playing in the NFL in a few years are ones who’s parents don’t care about them …. that’s why you see less skill players playing RB, WR.  That’s why you see DUI’s and college QBs getting in trouble too. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that since your here for basketball picks … and here they are.

G – Joe Johnson at Toronto
This guy basically is only playable when Deron Williams is out. That pussy is out, so JJ is in complete control of the offense most night.

G – Raymond Felton at 76ers
Normally way too overpriced & overrated, but after just coming back from injury – he had a nice game out last time & is a better price than he normally is.

G – Mo Williams vs Boston
Has really played well for a bench player the last week or two, and is a viable option in your daily leagues.

G – Victor Oladipo at Denver
Not super cheap, but Aaron Afflalo might miss tonight’s game making his minuets rise.

G/F – Mike Dunleavy vs Charlotte
With Luol Deng shipped out to the Cavs, Mike has been getting more minuets and is a decent option with upside if he hits his 3’s.

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