Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Sleeper Picks – November 17

Got a real nice mix of games tonight so I’m back with some daily fantasy NBA sleeper picks. It’s a little guard heavy, but that’s typically where the value is since there’s a more limited skill set for the F/C’s.

If you want a cheap guy at PG – looks like Derrick Rose is out again (shocker) and Kirk gave you 15 points 7 assists last game.

Maybe he’s smoking some of that legal weed in Colorado because his game has been hot/cold all season. He’s had some good games on the road this year, so maybe that is the reason! Anyway, risky, but looks like Nate Robinson is out and Randy Foye is questionable, so he could get some extra run.

Been on my list a few times in a row now. He hasn’t exploded, but he has provided OK value if he’s uner average salary. Was 3-13 last game, so he has some upside if his shot goes down – but he’s more of a safe play, and not a huge blowout guy.

If he’s under or around average price I think that’s a good deal. Looks like he’s back in the starting lineup and he looked good to go against Washington last game.

My boy has been hot (I say my boy because I remember he helped win me a season long fantasy league a few years ago when he was in Orlando). If LaMarcus Aldridge doesn’t play, that’s good for him, and teammate Omer Asik is questionable, so he’s a very solid play if he’s out.


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