Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Sleeper Picks – November 18

Today’s cheaper/sleeper NBA plays for the day.

Sorry for no picks the last 2 days, I’m at the age where everyone I know is getting married. Duty calls. Anyway, back to the grind. Got some injuries that opens the door for a few guys tonight.


PG/SG Shaun Livingston vs Portland
Deron Williams appears to be out and Paul Pierce might be out tonight too, so Livingston should benefit. Portland’s not the worlds best defensive team either.

SG/SF Alan Anderson vs Portland
See above, and you’ll probably want to check twitter 45 mins before gametime (7:30 EST) to see if Pierce is out again. If so, he had a good night out last time he filled in for Pierce.

SG/SF Joe Johnson vs Portland
Here’s what happens when you give a guy his $$. Joe Johnson is no where near where he was a few years ago, and I noticed he was cheap on some sites, mainly because he hasn’t played well. With so many Nets out of the game due to injury, he might try to get his.

SG/SF Tony Allen at LA Clippers
Played last night, so I usually avoid Back-to-Back players, but there’s not that many games on the schedule. The Clippers play an up-tempo style which leads to stats for the opposing team too.

PF/C Andray Blatche vs Portland
Looks like Brook Lopez might be out in this game too. That makes Pierce, Deron and Lopez out. That’s some shots.

PF/C J.J. Hickson & C Timofey Mozfof at OKC
These guys are kinda perma-sleepers when Denver plays, although I’ve seen both their salaries go up. JaVale McGee’s injury is responsible for these sleepers.

PF/C Josh McRoberts at Chicago
The Bulls played last night, so they might be a little tired, McRob will benefit with Al Jefferson out again. He’s and up/down player – but has 30+ fantasy point upside at a relatively low price.


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